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A2 – Criminal Record Checks

Originator: Vice President, Academic and Research
Approver: Senior Academic Committee
Effective: February 14, 2014
Replaces: New

1. Preamble

The College recognizes that there are circumstances where it is appropriate for Academic Programs to require the submission of satisfactory Criminal Record Documents as a condition of Program Entry or a condition of Field Placement.

This Policy outlines the circumstances upon which the College may demand Criminal Record Documents from Students, how the information will be handled, and how such records will be assessed for suitability for Program entry or Field Placement.

2. Policy

The College’s Senior Academic Committee may authorize certain Academic Programs to make the submission of satisfactory Criminal Record Documents a requirement of Academic Program entry or a requirement prior to Field Placement.

Where Academic Programs have received such authorization, documentation that is collected that shows criminal activity or placement on a vulnerable sector or adult or child abuse registry shall be forwarded to the College’s Criminal Record Check Committee for assessment. Where the documentation shows that a student is not suitable to enter the Academic Program or Field Placement, or is not suitable to continue in an Academic Program or Field Placement, the Academic Program shall deny or revoke the student’s registration in the program or Field Placement, as the case may be.

3. Definitions

“Academic Program” means any approved course of study that, upon successful completion, would lead to the awarding of a certificate, diploma or degree to a Student.

“Criminal Record Check Committee” refers to the committee constituted pursuant to paragraph 4.2 of this Policy.

“Criminal Record Documents” means any or all of the following:

  • Adult Abuse Registry Check results
  • Criminal Record Check results or transcript
  • Child Abuse Registry Check results
  • Vulnerable Sector Search results
  • Any other document similar or related to the foregoing class of documents

“Field Placement” refers to all situations where a student attends a workplace to participate in supervised practical experience.

“Senior Academic Committee” means the Committee chaired by the Vice President, Academic and Research, which oversees decision-making on issues of academic policy and practice.

“Student(s)” – refers to any individual:

  1. seeking to apply to study at RRC Polytech;
  2. who is a current student; or
  3. who has previously been a student.

4. Procedures

4.01 – Application to Senior Academic Committee

Where an Academic Program wishes to require submission of Criminal Record Documents as an entrance or Field Placement requirement, the Dean of the Academic Program must apply to the Senior Academic Committee for permission to require same. The Application must set forth the following:

  • Documentation that the Academic Program wishes Students to submit;
  • Whether submission is a condition of entry into the Academic Program or Field Placement;
  • Rationale for the collection of the information and the requirement for Students to submit same.

The Senior Academic Committee will assess the Academic Program’s application and determine if the request is reasonable in the circumstances. In determining the success of the application, the Senior Academic Committee shall examine whether there is a reasonable risk to the College or its partners if it chooses not to collect the information, and whether collection of the information will reveal Students who are unsuitable for a program or placement, or who otherwise do not have a reasonable chance of success in the Academic Program or field of study.

The Senior Academic Committee may also authorize an Academic Program to require its Students to disclose criminal charges and convictions that may arise throughout their participation in the Academic Program where such disclosure serves a purpose that the Senior Academic Committee deems to be beneficial to the College or the Student.

The Registrar, in consultation with the Privacy and Access Coordinator or designate shall impose best practices for the handling of Criminal Record Documents by personnel in each Academic Program that is authorized to access or collect Criminal Record Documents.

4.02 – Criminal Record Check Committee

The Registrar shall Chair a Criminal Record Check committee. The Committee shall be established with such personnel as the Registrar deems appropriate. The Criminal Record Check Committee shall establish terms of reference for the committee that are consistent with this Policy, and shall set forth the rules and purpose of the Criminal Records Check Committee, membership and quorum requirements, assessment criteria, confidentiality and information handling procedures and such other matters as the Committee deems fit.

The Criminal Record Check Committee shall examine Criminal Record Documents of Students that are of concern to the Academic Program to which the Student has applied or is currently enrolled. Applying the criteria established by the Committee, the Committee shall assess whether the Student associated with the Criminal Record Documents under examination shall be eligible to be admitted to the Academic Program or Field Placement, as the case may be.

The Committee may also be called upon by Academic Programs to assess interim disclosures of pending charges or new convictions involving current Students in a relevant Academic Program.

4.03 – No Refunds

Students whose registration in an Academic Program or Field Placement was denied or revoked on account of a decision of the Criminal Record Check Committee shall not be entitled to any refunds of tuition or other fees, unless such refund is otherwise permitted by College policy (e.g., voluntary withdrawal within prescribed deadlines, etc.). Students have the right to appeal a decision of the Criminal Record Check Committee in accordance with policy S3 – Student Appeals.

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