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A23 – Student Evaluation of Instruction

Originator: Director, Curriculum & Learning Resources
Approver: Senior Academic Committee
Effective: January 23, 2004
Replaces: New

1. Introduction

RRC Polytech is committed to providing students with high quality instruction that will prepare them to graduate and to be successful in their chosen occupations. As part of the College’s practice of continuous improvement, students will be invited to provide feedback on their educational experience.

The goal of soliciting student input on instruction is to help identify areas for improvement in the delivery of instruction so it will meet the needs of future students. This policy confirms student input is gathered through the use of a Student Evaluation of Instruction process.

2. Purpose

The purpose of the Student Evaluation of Instruction Survey is to improve the teaching and learning process. It is aimed at improvement of the instructor’s teaching and the student’s learning.

3. Policy Statement

Instructors will have the opportunity to be evaluated by their students and to receive feedback on their teaching performance. Each student will have this opportunity for each of their instructors. This policy will apply to all College instructors and courses. Approved student evaluation forms and processes (either directly by the Senior Academic Committee or as its designate) will be used across all instructional areas of the College.

4. Implementation

Students will be given the opportunity to evaluate their instructor at the end of each course. This may be accomplished by a paper-based or an on-line survey format

In obtaining and employing student input, the College will ensure the anonymity of students is protected.

More details in implementation can be found in the Best Practice Guidelines (in progress).

5. Responsibilities

5.1 Deans/Directors

Deans and Directors shall monitor the student evaluation of instructor process in their division and ensure that students are given the opportunity for input regularly according to policy. Deans and Directors will also maintain an annual record of course sections that receive a student review. Upon completion of the evaluations scheduled for each period (ending December 31 and June 30), a report of the names of all instructors who have been rated by students during that period shall be forwarded to the Vice President, Academic.

5.2 Department Chairs/Program Officers

Chairs/Program Officers are responsible for arranging the students’ evaluation of their instructors and reporting, as required, to the respective Dean/Director. Chairs/Program Officers will arrange the administration of the paper-based survey, without the instructor being present, or of the on-line survey facilitated by Computer Services. Chairs/Program Officers will meet with each instructor to discuss the students’ evaluation as required. If it appears necessary based on student input, Chairs/Program Officers are responsible for ensuring that a development plan suggested is in place for each instructor and for taking an enabling role to help faculty locate and attend development activities appropriate to their need.

5.3 Faculty

Faculty members have the responsibility to adapt and improve their course content, teaching and learning process, and evaluation techniques continually. They are responsible for assessing the area of instruction needing improvement and for seeking development activities to meet their needs.

5.4 Curriculum and Learning Resources/Computer Services

Curriculum and Learning Resources, in their role of curriculum quality assurance, will maintain materials, including the questions used and on ways and means to elicit student evaluations of instruction. They will be available to Deans/Directors, Chairs/Program Officers, instructors and students to advise on evaluation process. Computer Services will provide the technological infrastructure required to support the electronic distribution and analysis of the surveys as required.

5.5 Students

While the College will make every effort to gather their input, it is ultimately the students’ responsibility to take those opportunities.

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