Originator: Emergency Preparedness Coordinator
Approver: President’s Council
Effective: June 17, 2014
Replaces: February, 2014

1. Preamble

Red River College is committed to providing a safe and healthy working and learning environment. To that end, the College is designated as a smoke-free campus. Smoking shall be permitted in select designated areas only.

2. Policy


This policy applies to all College occupied property.


Red River College is a smoke free campus. The sole exceptions are areas that are specifically designated smoking areas. When using a designated smoking area, individuals must be a minimum of 10 meters away from any doorway or entrance.


Appropriate cigarette waste receptacles will be placed at acceptable distances outside building entrances. Those who choose to smoke on College grounds must discharge their waste (i.e.; cigarette ashes and butts) in those receptacles. The location of receptacles shall be determined in accordance with Manitoba law and any directions made by a College Joint Workplace Safety and Health Committee.

3. Definitions


“Smoking” means using a cigarette, cigar, pipe, electronic cigarette, or any other device designed to allow users the ability to inhale substances, including but not limited to, tobacco, nicotine, or any illegal drug.

4. Procedures and Enforcement


The intent of the policy is to provide a smoke-free environment within the College through a spirit of cooperation and understanding. Complaints concerning a breach of this policy should be directed to Security Services staff. The Security Services department shall follow up by submitting the particulars of breaches in writing, to the applicable Chair, Dean, Director, or Manager. Oral warnings to students should be reported to, and recorded by, the appropriate Chair. The Emergency Preparedness Coordinator and all staff and contractors who are managed by the Security Services department may:

  1. ask those found in violation of this policy for identification;
  2. direct violators of the policy to immediately cease conduct which violates this policy; and
  3. issue oral reprimands to those found in violation of this Policy.

In addition, other staff members empowered to discipline staff and students in accordance with other College Policies, Job Descriptions or Contractual Provisions shall have the same enforcement powers as the Emergency Preparedness Coordinator and all staff and contractors who are managed by the Security Services department.


Anyone found violating this policy who refuses to furnish identification to someone who is empowered to ask for it by this or any other College policy may, at the option of the Manager of Security Services or designate, be removed from campus.


In the event of contravention of this policy, the following progressive action will be taken:

(a) Staff:

  • one oral warning with notification to immediate supervisor;
  • one written reprimand by immediate supervisor (placed on file in department and with Human Resource Services);
  • further discipline up to and including dismissal.

(b) Students:

  • Students will be disciplined in accordance with this policy and the applicable provisions of policies S1 and S2. They may appeal any discipline in accordance with policy S3.

(c) Visitors:

  • If visitors choose not to comply with the smoke-free policy, Security will be notified and the individual(s) will be asked to leave the facility.


This policy does not exempt individuals from the liabilities provided within The Non-Smokers Health Protection Act.

5. Assistance


The College is committed to aiding students and staff in smoking cessation by providing information through the Health Centre on smoking cessation programs.

Related Policies and Legislation

The Non-Smokers Health Protection Act c. C.C.S.M. c. S125 and Regulations
Workplace Safety and Health Act C.C.S.M. c. W210 and Regulations
Manitoba Government and General Employees’ Union Collective Agreement

E1 – Safety
H3 – College Identification Cards
S1 – Student Code of Rights and Responsibilities
S2 – Student Discipline
S3 – Student Appeal – Non Academic Decisions
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