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F4 — Research Funding Compliance

Originator: Vice President, Academic and Research
Approver: President and CEO
Effective: April 1, 2022
Replaces: New
Next Review Date: April 2027

1. Purpose


RRC Polytech receives funding for research projects and activities from a variety of Funders, including, specifically, the Tri-Council Agencies. Each Funder has a specific set of terms and conditions attached to its funding. The objective of this Policy is to ensure that RRC Polytech complies with the funding terms required by a Funder, particularly those imposed by the Tri-Council Agencies.

2. Definitions

  1. “AAAGARI” means the Agreement on the Administration of Agency Grants and Awards by Research Institutions;
  2. “Collective Agreement” means the collective bargaining agreement between Red River College and the Manitoba Government Employees Union, as may be amended from time to time;
  3. “College Policy” has the meaning set out in Policy G1;
  4. “Funder” means government agencies, foundations, private or corporate sponsors of Research at RRC Polytech, including the Tri-Council Agencies;
  5. “TAGFA” means the Tri-Agency Guide on Financial Administration Policy which sets out the terms and conditions governing the administration, by the RRC Polytech, of grants and awards; and
  6. “Tri-Council Agencies” means The Canadian Institutes of Health Research, The Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada and The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.

3. Application


This Policy applies to all RRC Polytech departments, employees, students and any other third parties who are involved directly in carrying out the research and those who are involved indirectly, for example by providing administrative assistance such as attending to payment of reimbursements.


This Policy applies to RRC Polytech departments and employees during the development of new or updated policies and procedures.

4. Policy


RRC Polytech will comply with requirements of each Funder in connection with the research, research training, and related activities being carried out by RRC Polytech under an agreement with that Funder, subject always to the requirements of law and obligations imposed by the Collective Agreement.


RRC Polytech will ensure any relevant Policies and Procedures comply with the obligations and rules set out in the TAGFA and AAAGARI, including those relating to the financial management of research funds.


When TAGFA and AAAGARI requirements are amended or updated, RRC Polytech will review its Policies and Procedures to update and maintain compliance with TAGFA and AAAGARI and will address any identified gaps by developing or amending Policies and Procedures wherever necessary.

5. Responsibilities


Researchers: It is the responsibility of all RRC Polytech departments, employees, students and any other third parties involved in research to comply with this Policy, any associated procedures, as well as TAGFA and AAAGARI in conducting research or research related activities.


The Comptroller and the Director of Research, Partnerships and Innovation have joint responsibility to identify gaps where RRC Polytech Policies and Procedures do not address TAGFA and AAAGARI requirements or contradict TAGFA or AAAGARI requirements and to address any identified gaps.


The VP, Finance and Administration has the responsibility to approve Procedures to implement this Policy.


All Policy Owners and designates who are preparing or sponsoring new RRC Polytech Policies or amending existing Policies must review this Policy to ensure all new or updated College Policies and Procedures comply with the requirements of this Policy wherever applicable.

6. Review Period:


This Policy must be reviewed updated on the earlier of:

  1. five years of its approval date;
  2. Tri-Council updating or amending either or both of TAGFA and AAAGARI; or
  3. the Tri-Council otherwise revising its terms and conditions governing recipient institutions’ administration of grants and awards.

7. Related Documents:

  1. R8 – Applied Research Administration
  2. AAAGARI (Agreement on the Administration of Agency Grants and Awards by Research Institutions)
  3. TAGFA (NSERC – Inter-Agency, Tri-Agency Financial Administration, Roles and responsibilities)

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