Corporate Legal

Policies and Corporate Legal

A11 – International Education

Originator: Vice President, Business Development
Approver: President’s Council
Effective: April 11, 2006
Replaces: June 1995

RRC Polytech recognizes that it functions as part of a global community which extends beyond the borders of Manitoba and Canada. Education of our students for a lifetime of career success requires an awareness of this global community, both to provide students with the skills necessary to function in such an environment and to instill the attitudes of tolerance, understanding and personal dignity that set Canada apart in the international community.

An awareness of our global community and the resulting internationalization of our College can be achieved through:

  • international linkages and exchanges for students, staff and faculty;
  • institutional linkages and twinning;
  • staff and faculty involvement internationally;
  • the presence of international students within the College;
  • the development of curriculum which accurately reflects the global reality;
  • leadership and participation in events and programs which foster and develop international understanding.

The College recognizes that involvement in the international community contributes to the quality of education offered to Manitobans. Therefore, consistent with its mission, the College will:

  1. actively pursue opportunities in international development projects where the College has appropriate resources, expertise and experience.
  2. manage international development and international student administration through a Centre for International Education and Global Partnerships (CIEGP).
  3. recruit international students on the basis that:
    1. they do not displace Manitoba residents; and
    2. they pay at least the full direct cost of their program.
  4. actively participate with business, government, and the voluntary sector in initiatives that promote global understanding.