Transparent Financial Management

Red River College Public Sector Compensation Disclosures

As a publicly funded body, Red River College must annually disclose to the public its individual employees’ compensation of $75,000 or more and the aggregate compensation paid to board members in accordance with The Public Sector Compensation Disclosure Act of Manitoba.

The amount listed for each employee reflects total compensation paid from January 1 to December 31 each year. This includes basic salary, acting status pay, salary from a second RRC job, and lump sum payments such as retirement/termination severance, overtime, vacation, and retroactive salary adjustments.

The total annual compensation reported for the Board of Governors is for eleven board members who receive the following monthly amounts set by the Manitoba government: Chair $250; Vice-Chair $200; Members $150.

Red River College Audited Financial Statements

As a public institution, Red River College is committed to the responsible use of its financial resources. Our revenues come from multiple sources, including government, private contributions, college generated revenue and tuition. We are accountable for our spending decisions and diligent in our efforts to enhance transparency.