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G1 – Policies Development Framework

Policy Owner: VP, Finance and Administration
Approver: President and CEO
Effective: September 16, 2021
Replaces: February 14, 2007

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1.0 Preamble


RRC Polytech will provide clear, transparent, and accessible College Policies and associated Procedures that guide members of the College community to consistently implement the College’s mandate as outlined in the RRC Polytech Act and the College’s strategic plan as well as achieve and sustain the College’s mission, vision and values through day-to-day decision making and actions.


College Policies will set and communicate the expectations for members of the College community, provide a framework for institutional integrity, promote consistency, efficiency and effectiveness, help mitigate and manage institutional risks and support compliance and adherence to accreditation requirements.

2.0 Purpose


This Policy and its associated Procedures will establish the principles and processes that guide the College in developing, approving, implementing, and communicating College Policies. It will ensure that College policies are developed in a clear and consistent manner, are regularly reviewed, and updated and are rescinded if they become inapplicable.

3.0 Application and Scope


The Policies Development Framework applies to all College policies. This Policy does not apply to policies established by the RRC Polytech Board of Governors.

4. Definitions


“Academic Policy” means a College Policy that relates to Academic Matters and that is approved by the Senior Academic Committee of RRC Polytech.


“Administrative Policy” means a College Policy that relates to all non-academic matters at RRC Polytech and is approved by the Approver determined by the Policy Development Framework Procedures.


“Board of Governors Policy” means a Policy developed in accordance with the Bylaws and policies of the Board of Governors of RRC Polytech and approved by the Board of Governors.


“College Policy” means a statement of policy that mandates requirements of or provisions for members of the RRC Polytech community. College Policies may be developed from time to time to:

  1. implement or assure compliance with a law, regulation, Board of Governors bylaw or direction;
  2. advance a key aspect of the RRC Polytech mission or its relationship with its Stakeholders;
  3. mitigate institutional risk; and/or
  4. promote operational efficiency and includes Academic Policies and Administrative Policies.

A College Policy does not include a Board of Governors Policy.


“Designate” means the Management representative that the Policy Owner designates within a given College department or school that sponsors a policy.


“Procedures” is a document that describes the process for implementing a Policy. Procedures provide direction to management and employees about how to carry out the policy in a way that avoids unnecessary ambiguity, conflict, inconsistency, or inefficiency. Procedures may be revised from time to time as necessary.


A “Policy Approver” is the College’s Senior Academic Committee for all Academic Policies and the College President for all Administrative Policies.


“Policies Development Procedures” means the Procedures developed to support the Policies Development Policy.


“Policy Owner” means the Member of the College’s Executive Team who has the responsibility to lead the College department sponsoring the policy or the College President.

5.0 Policy Development Principals


Policies will be developed to give substance to the College’s mandate, mission, vision, and values statements and to the College’s Strategic Plan.


Polices should be conceived of and drafted in a manner that is broad enough to allow flexibility in dealing with diverse situations while ensuring that decisions are made based on consistent principles, values, and considerations.


Policies will contain focused statements of the College’s intent, governing principles, or desired results related to the subject, while associated Procedures set out the key steps required to implement each College Policy.


Policies will be developed through a consultation process consistent with the Policy Development Framework Procedures. Policies shall be reviewed on a regular basis after the effective date, and at a minimum will be reviewed at least every 5 years.


Policies must comply with legislated requirements and with government directives and policy requirements.

6.0 Distribution and Communication


All policies and associated procedures will be posted on the College Policies website. The version posted on the College Policies website is the official version.

7.0 Responsibilities


The Designate is responsible for:

  1. developing the content of policies as assigned by the Policy Owner; and
  2. ensuring that a policy is developed in a collaborative manner in accordance with the Procedures.


The Policy Owner is responsible for:

  1. advising the Senior Leadership Team of policy development or review in accordance with the Policies Development Procedures;
  2. recommending policies for the approval of the appropriate Policy Approver within their area of responsibility;
  3. engaging in the periodic review of policies and procedures they own, which includes reconciliation with other College policies and procedures where applicable;
  4. developing procedures associated with the policies they own and amending those procedures as needed; and
  5. ensuring coordination of policies within the Owner’s area of responsibility.


The Policy Approver is responsible for:

  1. determining whether to approve Policies recommended for approval and granting approvals.


The Legal and Compliance Department is responsible for the management of College Policies, including but not limited to:

  1. maintenance of the College’s Policies website;
  2. assisting with development, drafting, legal review, consolidation, and retirement of administrative policies;
  3. identifying policy gaps;
  4. assisting with coordination of legal reviews of policies;
  5. undertaking any other policy program management administration that is required; and
  6. notifying the Policy Owner which policies require review prior to the expected review date.

8.0 Review Schedule


This Policy will be reviewed and updated as required within five years of its approval date.

9.0 Related Documents

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