C1 – Promotional Items

Originator: Dean, Student Affairs
Effective: July 1995


Red River Community College recognizes that the use of promotional items is an important component of its overall public relations.


  1. To achieve consistency and provide structure for the use of promotional items, three categories of items have been established.
    • Giveaways – low cost, reasonable quality items for distribution at meetings, conferences or as donations to other organizations seeking our support in an external activity.
    • Gift/Retail – higher quality items, kept in stock to provide as “last minute” gifts to guest speakers, representatives of organizations having partnerships with the College, committees wishing to recognize external members, etc.
    • Executive Items – quality gifts that would be kept in limited stock and provided as more exclusive forms of recognition.
  2. The ordering, inventory and distribution of promotional items will be the responsibility of the College Bookstore. Giveaway items will be kept in the College Relations office.
  3. The giveaways will be charged to the promotions budget of College Relations office and the financing for the more expensive items will be on a charge back to the requesting budget centre.
  4. All novelties and merchandise would bear the RRC PolytechC logo.
  5. All promotional items will be available, not only as giveaways and gifts, but also for purchase from the College Bookstore by College staff, students, alumni, and visitors.


  1. The framework for ordering, inventory and control of promotional items is described in Appendix 1.
  2. Requests for promotional items will be approved by the respective College Management Committee member or designate.
  3. The College will provide a quantity of print promotional items to staff attending conferences where sufficient advance notice is given.
  4. The College will provide an appropriate number of College pins to staff representing the College as a speaker/panelist.
  5. Requests for donations/sponsorships from organizations will be considered on an individual basis by the College Management Committee.

Appendix 1

Promotional Items Framework

Category Suggested Promotional Item Financing Ordering Inventory
Giveaways Key Rings College Relations Bookstore College Relations
Mechanical Pencils College Relations Bookstore College Relations
Pens College Relations Bookstore College Relations
Lapel Pins College Relations Bookstore College Relations
Folders College Relations Bookstore College Relations
Gift/Retail Coffee Mugs Charge back Bookstore Bookstore
College Rings Consignment Bookstore Bookstore
Diploma Frames Consignment Bookstore Bookstore
Folios Charge back Bookstore Bookstore
Golf Caps Charge back Bookstore Bookstore
Logo Watch (novelty) Charge back Bookstore Bookstore
RRC Polytech Silk Neckties Charge back Bookstore Bookstore
Letter Opener Charge back Bookstore Bookstore
Lapel Pins (gold plated) Charge back Bookstore Bookstore
Executive Items
(Limited Numbers)
Clocks Consignment Bookstore Bookstore
Execufolio Charge back Bookstore Bookstore
Glasses Consignment Bookstore Bookstore
Logo Watch (Seiko) Consignment Bookstore Bookstore
Pen/Pencil Sets Consignment Bookstore Bookstore