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NEW! Immersive Stories Program: Wednesdays at Noon (March 2 – April 6)

February 14, 2022

Red River College Polytechnic is a diverse student and employee community, with Diversity, Equity and Inclusion as one of three commitments in our new Strategic Plan. However, as human beings, we all have hardwired unconscious biases that can affect our learning and working relationships and our actions can then affect our efforts towards diversity, equity and inclusion.

What is Immersive Stories?

In the context of March 21, International Day against Discrimination, the new Immersive Stories Program will present a series of five one-hour lunchtime sessions.

The Immersive Stories Program is designed to give students, faculty, and staff a first-hand opportunity to gain knowledge and understanding about multi-layered socio-cultural identities and lived experiences. As outlined in our new Strategic Plan, this program is part of the College’s commitment to Truth and Reconciliation, and the pursuit of equity, diversity and inclusion in everything we do.

Participants will develop skills that will allow them to regularly check their personal, social, and cultural assumptions so that they can avoid making quick conclusions and judgments. This in turn will help to foster a diverse and inclusive College environment for students and faculty.  

Each session in the Immersive Stories Program will involve a discussion with a member of our RRC Polytech community, during which they will share their unique lived experiences, and invite participant questions and dialogue. These conversations will provide participants an opportunity to gain insights into the lived experiences of our diverse community and will assist in becoming aware of our own biases.

Join us for the following meaningful conversations which will be held on Webex. Participants are welcome to register for up to five sessions in March and April 2022.

Immersive Stories - guest speaker Vassan Aruljothi

Wednesday, March 2 | 12 noon

GUEST: Vassan Aruljothi
HOST: Kaleigh Quinn

Conversation topics: Racism, Discrimination in Malaysia, Deodorant and international students, Racism among people of colour, Effects of colonialism.

Immersive Stories - guest speaker Jocelyne Olson

Wednesday, March 9 | 12 noon

GUEST: Jocelyne Olson
HOST: Rebecca Hiebert

Conversation topics: Barriers to participation, Neurodivergent change management, Teaching with ADHD, Navigating the workplace, Inaccessible accessibility.

Immersive Stories - guest speaker Anihita Aminan

Wednesday, March 23 | 12 noon 

GUEST: Anahita Aminian
HOST: Nora Sobel

Conversation topics: My Ethnicity, My Family, My Religious Journey, My Education and my Approach to Early Childhood Education, My Language and Communication Skills.

Immersive Stories - guest speaker Ebony Novakowski

Wednesday, March 30 | 12 noon 

GUEST: Ebony Novakowski
HOST: Sarah Lee

Conversation topics: My Sexual Orientation, Morbid Obesity and experienced perceptions, Chronic Illness and Polycystic Kidney Disease, My gender and sexual orientation in relation to work experience, My Family and Religion.

Wednesday, April 6 | 12 noon 

GUEST: Marshall Richard
HOST: Rebecca Hiebert

Conversation topics: Intergenerational trauma, Effects of Colonization, Social Inequities, Racism, Reclaiming Indigenous identities.

Please note that in order to create a safe and brave space for presenters and participants, only the introductions of the presentations will be recorded.

This program is brought to you by the Diversity & Inclusion Working Group within Library and Academic Services, with the support of the Diversity and Inclusion Specialist, Human Resources Services, and Education Technology Vision (eTV).

Reinventing the Wheel — Two guides get reworked

February 10, 2022

The Library re-launched two guides early this year. In partnership with the Academic Success Center, we have enhanced and expanded these guides with new content and updated resources.

The new Academic Writing and Citation ( guide expands on the previous Getting Started with Academic Writing guide. It now incorporates original content from the ASC Writing Centre ( as well as content from the Citation and the Moving from APA6 to APA7 guides (now retired).

This guide can assist you in understanding how to write your papers better, increase your fluency with APA 7 and other citation styles, and learn about plagiarism and how to avoid it.

Screenshot of Academic Writing and Citation Guide website

The updated Academic Study Skills ( guide builds on our original Study Skills guide with original content from the ASC’s Academic Coaching and Study Skills pages.

Here you will find strategies for time management, reading and note-taking, study skills, and test-taking. This guide can help to increase your understanding of course material, improve your marks, and make learning a little less stressful.

Screenshot Academic Study Skills Guide homepage.

Both of these guides are located in the Student Success folder of the Guides page (

Each guide contains tons of helpful advice along with links to books, ebooks, videos, streaming videos, websites, self-directed tutorials and much more.

A big thank you to Nora Sobel, Nick Schroeder, and Dayna Graham for working with myself and Fatima DeMelo to update, release, and promote these fantastic resources.

For more information, please contact Rosemary Woodby or Fatima DeMelo, Reference Technicians

Students write haikus to connect a 1000-crane mobile with course content

February 9, 2022

The following poems were submitted by students in the Summer 2021 EA Program Intake following the completion of a group project — a mobile made of 1000 paper cranes.

When the 1000-crane mobile was completed, the class met Elder Una Swan for a second pipe ceremony to bring the project to a close. The first pipe ceremony occurred 14 weeks earlier with Miss Una blessing the project.

Each student wrote a haiku as part of the ELA Content & Practice course. Writing the poems helped them connect the project experience with a learning outcome from the course. As students gazed at their origami mobile of 1000 cranes, they were inspired to write the following words:

Origami fused with project-based learning

Paul Bourget, who designed this project, explains:

The goal of the origami project is to show the possibilities of actively involving students in an art form that links the principles of Reconciliation and understanding of the EA program course concepts such as math, ELA. 

–Paul Bourget, instructor

The 1000-crane mobile: significance of colours

The colours of the 1000-crane mobile (pictured below) are thoughtfully chosen, incorporating the 4 directions of Traditional Teachings (red, black, yellow, white in top layer) and “Every Child Matters” (orange in bottom layer), as well as diversity of peoples joined in harmony (multiple colours in middle layer).

Photo of the 1000-crane mobile
Photo of the 1000-crane mobile

An act to follow

Many thanks to Paul Bourget for sharing this project, and inspiring the RRC Polytech community to be innovative in incorporating Truth and Reconciliation and the Calls to Action into our work at the College. Learn more about Paul Bourget’s work here: Truth and Reconciliation Faculty Star: Paul Bourget.

Written by Paul Bourget, EA instructor; edited by Linda Fox — Library Technician, Program Support and Promotion; poems by students in the Educational Assistant program (summer 2021 intake)

What are students saying about online tutoring?

February 3, 2022

Students from a range of college programs were asked to share their thoughts on the tutoring and coaching supports they’ve received from the Academic Success Centre since making the move to online bookings.

Watch this short video to hear what they had to say:

The Academic Success Centre will continue to offer online tutoring and academic coaching via Webex and MS Teams this term to help students with course content, study skills, writing assignments, and English as an Additional Language support.

For more information or to book an appointment with a tutor or academic coach, visit our webpage or contact

Learn About Black History with Library Resources and More!

February 1, 2022

This post originally appeared on February 8, 2021.

February is Black History Month, a time to celebrate the achievements and contributions of Black Canadians through history. They have helped make Canada the culturally diverse, compassionate and prosperous nation it is today. This special compilation of streaming videos and other resources is designed to help you learn more about Black history.

Deeply Rooted

Deeply Rooted cover art

Filmmaker Cazhhmere is a seventh-generation black Canadian. Despite this deep history, she’s constantly asked to explain where she’s from — even though the answer is always “Canada.” Cazhhmere is a proud Canadian. Her ancestors were among the first black settlers to come to Canada — her family has spent hundreds of years weaving itself into the fabric of our nation. Despite this deep history, Cazhhmere is constantly questioned about where she is originally from. In Deeply Rooted, Cazhhmere will change your perception of what a multi-generational Canadian family looks like. In a country that is widely known for being a “global melting pot,” our nation can easily forget that not every person of colour is a newcomer to Canada.

Invisible City 

Invisible city cover art

The film is set in the inner-city housing project of Toronto’s Regent Park; Kendell and Mikey, like their surroundings are in the process of transformation; the environment and social pressures tempting them to make poor choices, their mothers and mentors rooting for them to succeed. Turning his camera on the often-ignored inner city, Academy-award nominated director Hubert Davis sensitively depicts the disconnection of urban poverty and race from the mainstream.


Hardwood cover art

Hardwood is a personal journey by director Hubert Davis, the son of former Harlem Globetrotter Mel Davis, who explores how his father’s decisions affected his life and those of his extended family. Elegantly structured into three chapters entitled “love,” “recollection” and “redemption,” Davis uses personal interviews, archival footage and home movies to delve into his father’s past in the hope of finding a new direction for his own.

Mighty Jerome

Mighty Jerome cover art

In 1959, at just 19, Harry Jerome was Canada’s most promising track and field star on his way to the Olympics in Rome. By 1962, after suffering a gruesome leg injury, there was every reason to think that his racing days were over. But Jerome was not just a champion on the track; he was doubly determined off it. And so began his climb to what his coach, Bill Bowerman, called “the greatest comeback in track and field history.”

The Skin We’re In

Skin we're in cover art

Urgent, controversial and undeniably honest, The Skin We’re In is a wake-up call to complacent Canadians. Racism is here. It is everywhere. It is us and we are it. Following celebrated journalist Desmond Cole as he researches his hotly anticipated book, this documentary from acclaimed director Charles Officer pulls back the curtain on racism in Canada.

Explore Black History on the Web

If you ever have the time and interest in exploring Black history, there are many websites worth checking out. Here you will find a combination of historical images and true stories that bring Black history and culture to life.

Various websites

Canadian Museum for Human Rights Stories

Video Collections from and NFB

Browse the Library’s e-book collection

Browse the e-book collection: Black History

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Written by Linda Fox – Library Technician, Program Support and Promotion

Studying From Home? The Library can help.

January 19, 2022

In this wave of the COVID-19 pandemic you may find yourself with less time on campus and more time studying at home. The RRC Polytech Library is here to help. This post will cover some of our supports and some tips to keep you on track with your studies.

This Library is Open

Library Hours included in post text

The library is open at the Notre Dame Campus: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 10 AM – 3 PM

The Library is open at the Exchange District Campus: Tuesday and Thursday from 10 AM – 3 PM

Always check our updated hours

Get Library Help Remotely

Person with question marks in hands

image source: pixabay

Library Chat

Staying home? No problem you can connect with a Library Staff member on chat. Just visit the web page and click on the “Ask us” chat bubble.

Chat Hours are:               Monday, Wednesday, Friday 8 AM – 4PM

                                           Tuesday and Thursday 8 AM – 8 PM

Contact us by e-mail

You can Ask Us a Question any time using our Contact Form

Academic Success Centre

The ASC offers online tutoring and additional support for students to see all their Supports For Students here

Get your library materials Remotely

library books on mobile device screen

image source: pixabay

Need access to library materials at home? Try…


RRC Polytech Libraries have an extensive collection of ebooks allowing students from all campuses (including regional ones) to access our collection via the internet.

Online Journals

When searching for a journal or article, from the results page, you can use the filters to limit by ejournals or online article by selecting (available online).

Digitization Requests

Need something that is only available in print from our collection? We are happy to make a partial copy for you. You can request any print article from our collection or a chapter from a book through the Digitization service. Our library team will make you a copy.

Streaming Video

Did you know that the library has streaming video services? Our collection is designed to serve our students. Explore our video databases as well as curated collections for special topic areas.

Adjusting your Study Habits

student takes notes from laptop

image source: pixabay

Studying is hard at the best of times. Just like your instructors, your routines may have to adjust during this wave of the pandemic. Here are some sugges­tions for how to swap your old habits for new ones

for study tips vist our work from home guide

For more information, resources, tips and tricks for study at home view our:
Working From Home Guide for RRC Polytech Students

Stay Active

individual yoga

image source: Unsplash

Book a Fitness and Lifestyle Consultation

Campus Well-Being is now offering fitness and lifestyle consultations to staff and students.

Looking for some expert fitness advice? Not sure where to start on your journey to better overall health? Book a free, virtual session with one of our certified fitness professionals.

Your consultation will will take 30 to 40 minutes and can be done over the phone or via MS Teams. Your coach will ask you some questions about your current health, fitness, and lifestyle before collaborating with you on a plan to take concrete, actionable steps to better your health.

Take Care

Bell Let's Talk Jan 29th

Your well being and mental health matter. January 29th is Bell “Let’s Talk”.  The day focuses on destigmatizing, building awareness, acceptance, and action in mental health. Of course, events will look slightly different this year, but continuing conversations about our mental health is more important than ever. To engage with RRC events for Bell visit the Campus Well-Being website.


Conversations with Authors Welcomes Bomgiizhik (Isaac Murdoch) on Monday, January 17

January 13, 2022

On Monday, January 17 at 12pm, we look forward to our conversation with Bomgiizhik (Isaac Murdoch), author of The Trail of Nenaboozhoo and Other Creation Stories.
You are invited! To learn more and to register for this event, visit Conversations with Authors.

About the author

Bomgiizhik (Isaac Murdoch) is from Serpent River First Nation and is of the Fish Clan. He currently resides at Nimkii Aazhibikoong, an Ojibwe language and cultural community located in northern Ontario. He loves how the people are rekindling the old ways of his people. His children are Waabigwan, Elaine, Nanook, and Preston.

To learn more, visit his website at

About his book

The Trail of Nenaboozhoo and Other Creation Stories

“Nanaboozhoo, the creator spirit-being of Ojibway legend, gave the people many gifts. This collection of oral stories presents legends of Nanaboozhoo along with other creation stories that tell of the adventures of numerous beloved animal spirits. The Trail of Nanaboozhoo is a book of art and storytelling that preserves the legends of the Anishinaabe people. Each story is accompanied by strikingly beautiful illustrations by revered Indigenous artists Isaac Murdoch and Christi Belcourt.” (Published by Kegedonce Press, 2020)

This title is available to borrow from the RRC Polytech Library >> Trail of Nenaboozhoo.

About the series

Conversations with Authors, hosted by Indigenous Education and Library and Academic Services, is offering a series of live conversations with Indigenous authors to further the conversation and our understanding of truth and reconciliation. 

Written by Linda Fox – Library Technician, Program Support and Promotion

Standards & Codes

January 12, 2022

Do you need a standard or code? You may have free access through an RRC Polytech Library database subscription. Find them on the Library and Academic Services website under Databases.

ASHRAE – Techstreet ASHRAE is a society of heating, refrigerating, and air-conditioning engineers that shape industry through research. This database gives access to their books, standards, and guidelines. A limited number of standards are available through the library’s subscription.

ASTM Compass

ASTM develops and publishes technical standards for a wide range of materials, products, systems, and services. The Compass database gives full-text access to the ASTM Book of Standards, Research Reports, and related material.

Chartered Professional Accountants Handbook

Subscription to the CPA Canada Standards and Guidance Collection (CPACHB).

CSA Group

A comprehensive selection of CSA Group’s more than 3,000 published standards & codes.

Includes technical and management standards to improve safety, health, the environment, and economic efficiency in Canada and beyond.


A database of e-books covering a variety of engineering subjects. Includes a variety of engineering, electrical, mechanical, construction codes, standards, and guides.

National Research Council Codes

Access to the National Building Code of Canada, National Fire Code of Canada, National Plumbing Code of Canada, National Energy Code of Canada, and more.

Since the start of COVID, codes and users guides published by the National Research Council of Canada are available directly through the NRC Publications Archive in free electronic format.

Written by Bettina Allen, Reference & Circulation Coordinator

“Motivation Mondays” Workshop Series

January 7, 2022

The Academic Success Centre (Library and Academic Services) will be delivering a series of “Motivation Mondays” online workshops throughout the month of January. Starting January 10th – bright and early – we’ve scheduled four 30-minute workshops to support students during their first month of Winter term. 

Our facilitators will provide students with active learning strategies and tools to enhance their academic success and pose discussion questions to encourage self-reflection and goal setting for the term.  

If you would like to encourage your students to attend these sessions, please instruct them to pre-register using the links below:

Questions? Please connect with us at  

Library Lunch and Learn: Winter Schedule

January 5, 2022

RRC Polytech’s Library Lunch and Learn Winter Schedule offers weekly half-hour sessions from Jan. 11 – Mar. 2, 2022. Delivered via WebEx, these mini-lectures will highlight various tools, databases, and research methods recommended by our Library professionals.

Library Lunch and Learn topics will help you:

  • Find information more efficiently
  • Stay up-to-date on sources and search techniques
  • Take advantage of subscription-based databases

These sessions are free and open to all staff and students at the College. You are invited to attend as many sessions as you like.

For details and to register, visit the Library Lunch and Learn Workshops Calendar.