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Campus Renewal is exploring a new space!

May 11, 2022

Acoustic noise-reducing pod provides quiet haven in open offices and common spaces. Demo available for a limited time in the NDC Library!

An adaptable, modular pod

As we prepare to come back to campus and are looking to navigate blended learning and the continuation of connecting virtually, both instructors and support staff are looking to complement their spaces with areas for private meetings and concentrated, independent work.  

An adaptable modular “pod” provides a quiet, private, and comfortable meeting space in the office. Spaces like these can offer options for private meetings or video conferencing, webinars, heads down work, private phone calls or a place to meet with students. The “pods” can come in many sizes with different options to suit the function you are looking for. Campus Renewal is exploring the Hush Hybrid and the Hush Meet options. The demo we have on site is a smaller version of this the Hush Phone.  

We want your opinion!

For a limited time only, a demo pod will be available in the Notre Dame Campus Library. Campus Renewal is exploring this new Space Type and wants to hear from you! Come visit and tell us what you think.

If you have questions, or, you and your team would like to arrange a meeting to see and discuss the booth, feel free to reach out to Lisa Kirton. The demo can also be viewed at your own convenience during Library hours.

More News! Newly Sprung this Spring at the Notre Dame Campus: “In-Between Spaces”

Campus Renewal recently installed two “In-Between Spaces,” which provide a welcoming space for students to hang out, do some work, and charge their devices (power coming to the spaces soon!).

These modern spaces add aesthetic appeal yet is also functional in providing students with a comfortable space to relax and “recharge.” These new spaces are located in the Mall Level at the bottom of the bus loop and in the J Building at the Notre Dame Campus.

Written by Linda Fox (Library and Academic Services) and Lisa Kirton (Campus Renewal)

Students write haikus to connect a 1000-crane mobile with course content

February 9, 2022

The following poems were submitted by students in the Summer 2021 EA Program Intake following the completion of a group project — a mobile made of 1000 paper cranes.

When the 1000-crane mobile was completed, the class met Elder Una Swan for a second pipe ceremony to bring the project to a close. The first pipe ceremony occurred 14 weeks earlier with Miss Una blessing the project.

Each student wrote a haiku as part of the ELA Content & Practice course. Writing the poems helped them connect the project experience with a learning outcome from the course. As students gazed at their origami mobile of 1000 cranes, they were inspired to write the following words:

Origami fused with project-based learning

Paul Bourget, who designed this project, explains:

The goal of the origami project is to show the possibilities of actively involving students in an art form that links the principles of Reconciliation and understanding of the EA program course concepts such as math, ELA. 

–Paul Bourget, instructor

The 1000-crane mobile: significance of colours

The colours of the 1000-crane mobile (pictured below) are thoughtfully chosen, incorporating the 4 directions of Traditional Teachings (red, black, yellow, white in top layer) and “Every Child Matters” (orange in bottom layer), as well as diversity of peoples joined in harmony (multiple colours in middle layer).

Photo of the 1000-crane mobile
Photo of the 1000-crane mobile

An act to follow

Many thanks to Paul Bourget for sharing this project, and inspiring the RRC Polytech community to be innovative in incorporating Truth and Reconciliation and the Calls to Action into our work at the College. Learn more about Paul Bourget’s work here: Truth and Reconciliation Faculty Star: Paul Bourget.

Written by Paul Bourget, EA instructor; edited by Linda Fox — Library Technician, Program Support and Promotion; poems by students in the Educational Assistant program (summer 2021 intake)