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International Education

Eyes on the future: College unveils new mission, vision and values statements

June 16, 2016


Classes may be winding down for the summer, but Red River College sits poised to enter a new era of post-secondary excellence, armed with an updated set of initiatives to guide its strategic direction and future growth for the next five years.

Following months of consultations with internal and external stakeholders — including a series of Open Café meetings (shown above) with staff and faculty from all campuses — the College has adopted newly-revised mission, vision and values statements, casting an aspirational eye towards sustainability, service to community, and global recognition.

Redrafted in tandem with RRC’s new Academic and Research Plan and pending five-year Strategic Plan (due this August), the new statements provide a roadmap for the College to follow, and a set of guidelines for all staff as they put policies into practice — both inside and outside the classroom.

“We don’t expect people to memorize them word for word, but hopefully to get to know them and understand what we are as an institution, and where we’re trying to go, so they can be part of the change,” says Cindee Laverge, vice-president, Student Services and Planning at RRC.

“It’s a way for people to help us achieve our strategic direction: through the mission and vision, to understand on a day-to-day basis what’s important to us, and through our values to understand how we work and play.” Read More →

RRC pilots new International Educator program for staff

September 23, 2015


In response to the ever-increasing demand for international education, Red River College has launched a new pilot program to provide staff with the tools and intercultural skills required to teach students from around the world.

“We’re truly a global college now,” says Eddy Lau, acting director of International Education at RRC. “We’re attracting more international learners every year, and our classrooms continue to become more diverse. As the College evolves, we have a responsibility to make sure our staff are prepared and have the right tools to facilitate learning for our international students.”

Launched over the summer, RRC’s new International Educator Certificate program helps instructors and staff develop their skills through a blend of workshops, practicums and online modules.

“We didn’t want to merely develop a seminar to help educators who are teaching international students,” says project manager Claudius Soodeen. “We wanted to create a program that would over time become a model in post-secondary education across Canada.” Read More →

Become a volunteer ambassador for RRC’s International Student Airport Pickup program

July 14, 2015

455054067Would you like to meet someone new, from another country and culture? Are you proud of where you study or work? If so, then please help us welcome new international students to Red River College! We’re looking for ambassadors to serve as a friendly, welcoming face when our international students first arrive in Winnipeg.

RRC first piloted an Airport Pickup Service for international students during the fall semester of study in 2013. The service is made possible by volunteers from RRC’s staff, faculty and student communities.

Since the program’s inception, we’ve been able to welcome many international students as soon as they arrived in Winnipeg, but in order to continue this service, RRC’s International Education office needs your help.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the time commitment? Do I just complete the student pickup and drop-off?

The time commitment is usually two hours. You’re simply expected to pick up the student from the airport and bring them to the location where they’re staying. If you would like to take them for a tour (or go shopping, etc.), you can do so, but it is not the expectation of this initiative.

Can I specify a time I’m available?

Your availability is a key factor when matching up our arriving students and our volunteers, so you’re more than welcome to identify times when you are not available. Since the students arrive on various dates and times, we’re not able to specify the time until the request for pickup comes in. Our pickup service will be offered from 8:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m. only.

International Education will handle the coordination and scheduling of all pickups. In addition, your parking at the airport will be reimbursed.

If you would like to volunteer, or have any questions, please email

College signs new agreement with partner institute in China

June 19, 2015

Shenyang agreement 2015For the next 20 years, Red River College will be able to offer joint diplomas with the Shenyang Institute of Engineering (SIE) in China, one of RRC’s oldest international post-secondary partners.

As part of the new agreement, signed earlier this week, RRC and SIE will offer joint diplomas in Electrical Engineering Technology, Power Engineering Technology, and Hospitality and Tourism Management, giving students and instructors from both institutions the opportunity to participate in exchanges and study abroad.

“We have enjoyed a mutually beneficial partnership with the Shenyang Institute of Engineering for more than 27 years,” says David Rew (shown, seated), interim president at RRC. “This new agreement will allow us to continue to offer high quality education to our students, and to grow our international education program here in Manitoba.”

The College’s work in international education began in 1987, when the partnership with SIE was first struck. Following that, the College continued to expand its mandate and in 1994 opened the Department of International Education — welcoming a Malaysian student as RRC’s first official international learner.

“As a leader in applied learning, RRC is in a very strong position to work with institutions like the Shenyang Institute of Engineering, to develop these joint programs and expand our abilities to continue to attract international students,” said Eddy Lau (shown above, at left), RRC’s acting director of International Education.

“We continue to recruit more international students each year, and our international students continue to enrich the global learning environment we have cultivated at the College.”

This year, RRC has over 800 international students participating in studies and joint programs. On average, the College has seen a 27 per cent increase in international student enrolment from year to year.

College welcomes delegation from Hebei Institute of Foreign Languages in China

December 9, 2014

JCF_0585_CROPRed River College’s International Education office met with a high-profile delegation from Hebei, China this week, to discuss potential partnerships in the field of early childhood education.

On Tue., Dec. 9, the College welcomed delegates from the Hebei Institute of Foreign Languages (in Qinhuangdao City, Hebei, China), as well as government officials from Qinhuangdao City.

The delegation consisted of:

  • Ding, Guosheng: President, Hebei Institute of Foreign Languages (HIFL)
  • Shan, Yingchun: Associate Director, Department of Early Childhood, HIFL
  • Wang, Jingyan: Associate Director, Department of International Studies, HIFL
  • Lian, Ruyuan: Deputy Mayor of Qinhuangdao City
  • Yang, Xuegong: Director, Qinhuangdao Department of Education

With support and direction from International Education, RRC is building innovative partnerships with colleges and universities throughout the world, including those in China, India, South America and Europe.

Agreements such as the one discussed with HIFL this week often result in joint partnerships, exchange programs, and new ways of collaborating to meet the mutual interests of both partner institutions.

College to welcome Chinese students for Summer English Language Camps

July 18, 2014

9423696972_138ad37c33_kRed River College’s International Education office will again showcase the best Manitoba has to offer this season, while welcoming a group of visiting Chinese students taking part in its Summer English Language Camps.

Launched last year, the two-week program provides a unique way for international students to improve their language skills, while also learning more about local and national culture through field trips and tours of Winnipeg.

Delivered by RRC’s Language Training Centre, the camps balance fun and interactive classroom sessions with outings to some of the city’s most popular attractions — including parks, museums, historic sites and summer festivals — all while helping students build confidence by using English in class and in everyday situations.

“Last summer, students took a tour of the city with Winnipeg’s Trolley Tours, walked through the Exchange District, went on a tour of the Manitoba Legislature Building, and were able to attend tours of various programs that RRC has to offer,” says Kelsey Griffth-Parker, Program Coordinator of the summer camp.

“They also visited Polo Park Shopping Mall, Assiniboine and Kildonan Park, and were involved in many ‘Winnipeg’ activities — including visiting Lower Fort Garry, The Forks, and attending a Goldeyes baseball game!”

This year, 19 students from the Shenyang Institute of Engineering and 12 from the Shanghai Medical Instrumentation College will take part in the language camp program, which runs from July 27 to Aug. 8.

Camp organizers are currently seeking volunteers to assist with airport pickups, field trips and tours — activities that will take place during afternoons, evenings and weekends.

If you’re interested in volunteering, please contact Kelsey Griffith-Parker at

RRC grads honoured with International Student of the Year Awards from province

July 18, 2014

Two Red River College students were honoured by the provincial government this month, picking up International Student of the Year Awards for their contributions in and out of the classroom.

Presented by the Manitoba Council for International Education and the Province’s International Education Branch, the awards recognize the contributions of international students to the Manitoba community. Each year, three students are recognized in the categories of Secondary, Post-Secondary and Language Programs.

Andy Thong Quoc PhamAndy Thong Quoc Pham, recipient of this year’s award for Post-Secondary Students, has been an RRC student since 2013, completing language studies at the Language Training Centre (LTC) before enrolling in the Hospitality and Tourism Management program at the Paterson GlobalFoods Institute downtown.

Since his arrival as a new international student from Vietnam, Andy has made a number of important leadership contributions to the RRC community, excelling in his studies, representing his class on the Student Advisory Board, and participating in RRC’s Cultural and Language Mentor Program.

Andy also completed Ally Training as part of RRC’s LGBTT* Initiative, and launched an LGBTT* and Friends Club on-campus. He is outgoing and friendly, and reaches out to support and advocate for his classmates and others. As he enters the second year of his program, Andy plans to maintain a high GPA, and run for an elected position on the RRC Students’ Association executive.

Rae Ting Ting ShiRae Ting Ting Shi, recipient of this year’s Language Program Award, graduated from the LTC in April 2014, and is now pursuing a career in Early Childhood Education. During her time at RRC, she was proactive, organized and resourceful as she worked to improve her English skills.

Rae also contributed to the LTC community through her positive attitude, creativity and flexibility, participating in both classroom and College events, and organizing potlucks and other activities for her fellow students.

Both Andy and Rae picked up their awards — which include a monetary prize of $200 and a certificate signed by the Minister of Advanced Learning and Education — on July 14. They will also be recognized this fall at RRC’s annual Welcome Party for Immigrant and International Students.

College serves up its second partnership with a training school in France

June 2, 2014

The College’s School of Hospitality and Culinary Arts has entered into its second partnership with a training facility in France, signing a memorandum of understanding (MOU) this morning with the Lycée d’Hôtellerie et de Tourisme Alexandre Dumas in Illkirch-Graffensatden.

The new agreement aims to benefit students and staff at both institutions, by encouraging and facilitating academic collaboration, educational exchanges and joint research projects for mutual benefit.

This includes the development of mobility programs allowing students from both schools to further their studies abroad, as well as opportunities for staff and student development through cultural exchanges.

“The signing of this MOU further benefits our students, staff and programming at the PatersonGlobal Foods Institute,” says RRC President Stephanie Forsyth. “We look forward to the opportunities this partnership represents, and the economic opportunities we both will realize.”

Last November, the College entered into a similar agreement with the Institut Paul Bocuse Worldwide Alliance in Lyon, France, making RRC the only Canadian partner to be inducted.

Earlier this year, Culinary Arts students Alex Wong and Nicole Boudreau were chosen to be the first Canadians to take part in an intensive four-month training internship over the summer.

RRC creates new educational opportunities in India

March 6, 2014


Red River College has launched its first international pathway program in India.

The new initiative will allow students at the Xplora Design Skool (XDS) in Ahmedabad, India to receive an International Diploma in Digital Media Design. Students will take their first year of studies at XDS and will be granted direct admission to RRC following the successful completion of Year One.

Students aren’t required to complete their second year at Red River College; however, the option exists and is advantageous, as Canada has many engaging and emerging opportunities for digital media designers.

“This partnership is important for moving our strategy to create opportunities for global engagement, and it opens the doors for students from India to learn cutting-edge skills in Canada,” says Christine Crowe, vice-president of community development at RRC. “The new program showcases RRC and Manitoba as a world-class education destination for students.”

As part of the new program, RRC has sent Chris Brower, program coordinator for the College’s Digital Media Design program, to facilitate a train-the-trainer workshop for instructors at XDS. Part of Brower’s visit will include an overview of DMD, as well as available career opportunities and information about Manitoba. Read More →

RRC Joins Worldwide Culinary Alliance

November 5, 2013

Institut Paul BocuseAt a special ceremony in France, representatives from Red River College signed an agreement making RRC the only Canadian partner to be inducted into the Institut Paul Bocuse Worldwide Alliance.

“We are joining a network of expertise that will further benefit our students, staff and programming at the Paterson GlobalFoods Institute, Red River College’s School of Hospitality and Culinary Arts,” said Stephanie Forsyth, President & CEO of Red River College. “The Institut Paul Bocuse is located in Lyon, France, the heartland of food and wine country and this agreement signals partnerships that provide countless benefits to staff, students and our programming.”

“We are pleased to welcome our Canadian partner to the Alliance,” said Eleonore Vial, Dean, Director of Academic Development, Institut Paul Bocuse.  “We look forward to the opportunities this partnership represents and the educational opportunities we both shall realize.”

“By joining this Worldwide Alliance we have the opportunity of sharing skills and best practices by participating in exchanges of teaching staff from the Institut Paul Bocuse and its partners,” said Keith Muller, Dean, School of Hospitality and Culinary Arts, RRC. “It’s a tremendous opportunity and a positive reflection on the innovative educational programming the College offers.”

The Institut Paul Bocuse formed the Institut Paul Bocuse Worldwide Alliance in 2004.  Today this unique alliance covers 14 partners in 15 countries, all among the world’s top Hospitality Management & Culinary Arts schools. Partners of this Alliance are located  in Canada, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Finland, France, Greece, Japan, Mexico, Peru, Singapore, South Africa, Taiwan and the United States.

Read More →