Language Training Centre

Bringing English Communication to Life!

The Language Training Centre has innovative and accessible programs including Intensive English, English for Specific Purposes, and Academic Language Preparation. Our students have many goals for settlement, education/training, and employment. We support students and their success through the delivery of educational and cultural activities – in classrooms and computer labs, online, in the community, or in the workplace. Let us help you reach your education, career and life goals!

The Language Training Centre enrols approximately 1,000 students in our English language programs every year. What is it about Red River College Polytechnic that brings such a diverse population of learners, year after year? Why is the LTC so often a learner’s top choice for improving language skills and working toward their life, education and career goals?

We believe it’s because of the supportive and energetic staff (instructors, assessors, student support staff, and administrative staff) who strive to create a dynamic learning environment in a location that is convenient and accessible for learners. It’s because our vision and mission is to help international students and newcomers to Canada be satisfied with their language competency; and to provide them with the supports to empower them with the skills and confidence they need to find their own success in every day life, education or employment.


More advantages of studying English at Red River College Polytechnic’s Language Training Centre:

Your Success at Red River College Polytechnic is important!

We are proud that 95% of our graduates find employment after their programs. RRC Polytech prepares students for success. This means getting a job after graduation and keeping that job. This is why many people choose RRC Polytech rather than a university. Our programs are well regarded in the community because students who graduate are job ready.

Strong English language skills are important for your success because:

Key factors in your language learning journey:

One of the keys to your success is developing effective communication skills. Language learning is an individual process. It involves developing skills, not knowledge. Your own improvement depends on:

Moving to a higher level in the English program:

Your evaluation and promotion to a higher level is based only on demonstrated progress in class. This means how well you can use English to communicate effectively in all four language skill areas (listening, speaking, reading and writing).