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Live Life Your Way

October 15, 2019

When I went to university I had a difficult time making the transition.  During my first year, I reached the half-way point and I still hadn’t found that feeling of being “in stride” with it. I understood the routine of getting up for classes and making sure I caught my bus at the same time every day.  I also felt the stress of the workload piling up on me and I barely had any free

Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

moments to relax and not think – to be young and having fun.

I thought my January resolutions would’ve held out … but who was I kidding. I knew it would be the same pattern as before, and just thinking that way had already set me up for failure. I knew that if I was to succeed with what I wanted out of life I had to really take a good look at myself, really see who I was and face some of the unwanted answers to the question “Who am I?”. I would have to make some tough decisions, and change the way I live by recognizing my personal patterns (both good and bad).

Here are some tips that helped me back then and continue to help make my life one that I design for myself and not something that others have programmed for me.

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Rebels Weekend Wrap Oct 4th-6th

October 9, 2019

Rebels Weekend Wrap Oct 4th-6th

Oct 9th, 2019


Men’s Soccer team entered the weekend being 1-0-3 and the Women’s team entered the weekend being 4-1-0 as they travelled to Brandon on Saturday afternoon to take on the ACC Cougars and back in Winnipeg on Sunday to take on the USB Le Rouge at the Memorial Park. Women’s Volleyball had their second Pre-season tournament of the year at Providence University in Otterbourne MB, and the Men’s Volleyball team hosted their Annual Pre-season tournament this past weekend. Read More →

Caught in the rush of the world – 5 tips to disengage

October 2, 2019

We’ve all been caught in the rush of the world in its quest to be going somewhere. This constant pressure has had us staring at a screen until out eyes are pounding , sitting on our butts until our

Photo by Karen Lau on Unsplash

back hurts…..what’s up with that, and going for hours without eating except for those few cups of coffee….that’s kind of like food right?

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Rebels Weekend Wrap Sept 28th- 29th

October 1, 2019

Rebels Weekend Wrap Sept 28th-29th

Oct 1, 2019


Men’s Soccer team entered the weekend being 1-0-1 and the Women’s team entered the weekend being 1-1-0 as they went to Brandon to play the Bobcats on Saturday afternoon and back home on Sunday to host the Blazers at the John Scouras Field. Women’s Volleyball had their first Pre-season tournament at Universite de Saint-Boniface and the Men’s Basketball team travelled to Moose Jaw to take on the Briercrest Clippers. Read More →

Rebels Weekend Wrap Sept 22nd

September 25, 2019

Rebels Weekend Wrap Sept 22nd

Sept 25,2019


Both the Rebels teams entered the Weekend being 1-0 as they hosted top ranked USB Le Rouges on Sunday at the Norm Konowalchuk Field. Read More →

The Rebel in You – A 12 Week Wellness Program

September 20, 2019

Sometimes starting an exercise program can be more challenging than the working out itself. Having to figure out how to get started, learning new terminology to what’s the difference between a rep and a set as well as knowing what to exactly do while in the gym. That is why we designed a custom program specific for The Rebel in You Read More →

Getting Started: Theory to Practice

September 19, 2019

Getting started on anything is going to be a constant theme of life for anyone. Whether it’s getting started with a new year, getting started in a new career or even just getting started with our day. Getting started with anything seems to be good in theory but can be much more challenging in practice. The intentions we have to move through change and start on new routines are great until life takes over and creates challenges and barriers which can get us caught up. Read More →

Rebels Weekend Wrap Sept 14

September 17, 2019

Rebels Weekend Wrap Sept 14

September 17, 2019


The Rebels soccer season kicked off with the Rebels hosting the ACC Cougars at home.  Both teams walked away from the weekend with a victory and have started the season at 1-0

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Red River Rebels Men’s Soccer – 2019 Season Preview

September 13, 2019

Head coach: Charles Mrena, 3rd season

Goal Keeper Maros Bremgartner

Opening Day Roster – MSOC rosterSept12

Preview: Goal number one for this year is to make a playoff push for the Red River Rebels

men’s soccer team. In the competitive Manitoba Colleges Athletic Conference (MCAC), the Rebels look to improve on a 3-0-7 record from 2018 and get back into the post-season. Read More →

Red River Rebels Women’s Soccer – 2019 Season Preview

September 13, 2019

Head coach: Doug Lawrie, 9th season

Returning players to watch: Ashley Paterson – cornerback

Cornerback Ashley Paterson

New players to watch: Jessica Gzebb – midfielder; Brianne Jamieson – forward; Shea Bresciani – forward; Kezia Balzer – mid

Opening Day Roster – RRC WSOC rosterSept13


The Red River Rebels women’s soccer team has four returning players on their 12 person roster for the upcoming 2019 Manitoba Colleges Athletic Conference (MCAC) season. The 2018 MCAC women’s soccer coach of the year and heading into his ninth season as head coach with the Rebels, Doug Lawrie, is optimistic about this year’s squad and their chances to battle hard in the MCAC. Read More →