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Turning the Page on a New Term

January 7, 2020

Happy New Year! It’s a new year and a new term, and if you’re still thinking about a New Year’s Resolution, how about considering one to reduce your paper consumption?

Did you know that if you stacked up all the paper used for printing and photocopying by RRC staff and students in one year, the pile would be the 4th tallest tower in the world?

Display in the Library Hallway at NDC titled "RRC Printing by the Numbers". It shows the total staff and student paper consumption by term - which has decreased every year - since September 2017.

You can check out how we’re doing at this paper display in the NDC Library Hallway.

Over the past couple of years our office, in collaboration with the Print Optimization Working Group, has been working on initiatives to optimize our print environment on campus and reduce paper consumption. With PaperCut, we have the ability to track all printing and its related impacts across the Campus. This allows us to see our progress in terms of how much we’ve reduced printing and the associated financial and environmental impacts.

If you’ve been in the NDC Library Hallway lately, you may have noticed the large RRC Printing by the Numbers display which tracks our paper consumption progress year-over-year by term for staff and student printing and photocopying. With each year, we continue to reduce our paper consumption at the College. Click on the graph below to see how the numbers have stacked up so far!

Let’s keep the ball rolling and make a bigger commitment to reducing our printing in 2020! Come by the Library Hallway Thursday, January 9th between 11 am and 1 pm to pledge a new year’s paper reduction resolution and enter a prize draw. All pledges will be written on recycled paper airplanes and hung up beside our paper display.

Can’t make it on Thursday? Send us your own 2020 paper reduction pledge by email to by Friday, January 10th  at noon. We’ll add your pledge to our airplane wall and enter you in the draw.

Need some inspiration? Here are some examples of pledges you could make to reduce your paper consumption in 2020:

  1. Print double-sided.
  2. Format documents to use less paper – for example use slightly smaller fonts or margins.
  3. Reuse one-sided paper for notes, sketches, rough work, etc.
  4. Print only the sections you need from long documents.
  5. When printing a webpage, copy and paste the text into a word processor so that it is formatted correctly for printing and you only print what you want. Better yet – bookmark the webpage instead of printing it!
  6. Print to PDF. If you want to keep a document that isn’t easily saved (i.e. a webpage) select print to PDF and save the document digitally.
  7. Use digital resources like LEARN, Dropbox, One Drive and Microsoft Track Changes to share and collaboratively edit documents.
  8. Host paperless meetings – share necessary documents for meetings electronically ahead of time and let everyone know that you won’t be providing printed copies. Then people can choose to print only what they really need.
  9. Think twice, print once. Before you print, take a moment to consider whether you need to print or if there is another option.
  10. Challenge others! Already a proficient paper saver? Challenge your friends and colleagues to make a pledge and reduce their paper consumption.

‘Tis the Season…al Shutdown Office Challenge!

December 6, 2019

Portage Campus Staff with the Seasonal Shutdown Office Challenge poster at their catered coffee break.

The Portage Campus was one of the winning offices in 2018.

The December break is fast approaching but before you flip the switch to holiday mode, don’t forget to flip the off switches at the office and give our College’s electronic equipment and appliances a much-needed break too.

Red River College will be closed from December 24 at noon to January 2. During this time our buildings will go into “Un-Occupied Mode” which means lower temperatures, and less energy consumption. But we need your help! By participating in the Seasonal Shutdown Office Challenge your actions will help reduce the environmental and financial impacts of our energy use this break. Plus… by participating you could win a catered coffee break for your office (find out how to enter below).

Help us make sure that Rudolph’s nose is the only thing shining over RRC this holiday season with these three simple steps:

Red checkmark in a box

Remove perishables and clean fridges by December 24, 2019

Note: Offices at NDC will not be cleaned during the break. Please place all garbage in the hallways by 11 am on Dec 24th to make sure it is picked up before the the campus is closed.

Red checkmark in a box

Where it is safe and possible to do so. Please leave printers ON, they’ll go into energy saving mode on their own.

Red checkmark in a box

Take the Seasonal Shutdown Office Challenge and Win!

Library staffing around a boardroom table holding up their reusable coffee mugs.

The Library was one of the winning offices in 2018.

Before you dash away into the night this holiday, recruit your colleagues to participate in the Seasonal Shutdown Office Challenge. We’ve made a list and checked it twice, all you have to do is fill it out and shutdown unnecessary lights and equipment before you leave for the break and you will be entered to win 1 of 3 catered coffee breaks for your office!

Complete the Checklist Here


  • What is an office? An office can be one person or multiple people in one office space, or across many offices, as long as you are in the same department. You can even challenge other offices within your department to participate as well. Please have just one person per office complete the checklist.
  • When can I fill in the form? You can submit the form before December 24 as a pledge to do these actions. Anyone who submits a form before December 23 will receive a reminder email on December 24. You can also fill out the form anytime between December 24 and noon on January 3, 2019.
  • Having trouble with the form? Contact Whitney for help.
  • The more, the merrier! Recruit participants and help conserve energy at the College by printing and posting Seasonal Shutdown downloadable poster in an office common area.


Institutional Analyis and Planning Staff in their office with the Seasonal Shutdown poster

Institutional Analysis and Planning was one of the winning offices in 2018.

You might think that the few items in your office aren’t going to make much of a difference if they’re shutdown or unplugged for 11 days, but consider this: in the 2018 College-wide plug load inventory of more than 500 staff offices and common areas,  we counted nearly 3,000 personal electronic items (i.e. computers, monitors, speakers, etc.), almost 600 personal appliances (refrigerators, microwaves, etc.), and over 450 lightswitches. That’s a lot of potential for unnecessary energy consumption, either through leaving items and lights on, or through standby (phantom) power that many electronic items draw even when turned off.


  • Lab equipment: Together with your colleagues identify equipment that can be safely turned off, unplugged, or placed in standby mode over the break.
  • Don’t forget to turn off lights and shutdown projectors and AV equipment in any meeting rooms or classrooms that you use.
  • Do a department walk-through to ensure valuables are secured and cabinets are locked.
  • Activate alarms if applicable before you leave.
  • Set yourself a reminder in your calendar or on your phone (or even on a sticky note on the door) to remember to do your seasonal shutdown checklist before you leave.
  • Set yourself a reminder for when you return from holidays to plug needed items in or turn them on.
  • Don’t forget to water plants and feed and water vermicomposting worms!


2nd Annual Made by RRC Winter Market Nov. 28

November 8, 2019

Just hear those RRC bells jingling, ring-ting-tingling, too. Come on it’s lovely weather for a Winter Market with you!

It’s time for our 2nd Annual Made by RRC Winter Market! We’re always so impressed by the talent and creativity by our staff, students and alumni, and are excited to announce another winter market of amazing local vendors that all have connections to the College (by being current students and staff, or College alumni). Come on by, get some of your holiday shopping done, and support RRC talent!

When: Thursday, November 28th 10:00 am – 1:30 pm
Where: Library Hallway – Notre Dame Campus (2055 Notre Dame Avenue)

Read More →

Fall into Sustainability

October 20, 2019

 While the leaves are changing with every season so is sustainability. There are so many colours of sustainability and places to find where it may be. To share everything Red River College is growing, changing, and creating to be a sustainable campus, we have a map for you! Read More →

Grow a Row 2019- A Record to Beet!

October 18, 2019

The last days of autumn fell quickly and just before the snow landed, ACC baking students joined our Grounds Department to assist with this year’s Grow-A-Row harvest. Led by Grounds Gardener Shivcharan Sandhu, the team broke the RRC record with 4,270lbs of carrots, beets, onions, pumpkins and potatoes. Read More →

Recap of the Climate Strike

October 1, 2019

Millions of youth and adult supporters around the world took to the streets last week to raise awareness about climate change and the need for urgent action through the Global Climate Strike. Locally, over 10,000 people attended a General Strike for Climate Action at the Manitoba Legislative Building on Friday, September 27.

We know that the College community cares deeply about climate issues and that we play an important role in our community to bring a climate lens to everything we do. During the week, the College provided opportunities for those wishing to show their solidarity with the Global Climate Strike movement while on campus. We spoke with many students, staff and faculty who shared their concerns with us last week.  Below is a brief summary of some of the ways our College community got involved. Read More →

Real-time Transit comes to RRC!

September 25, 2019

Real Excited about Real-Time Transit Screens 

In a progressive step, Red River College has partnered with Winnipeg Transit and the Students’ Association to install real-time transit information screens across our campuses. These four screens, or passenger information kiosks, keep you ‘outta the dark’ (and out of the cold) while you wait for your bus. We know that transit is a primary commute mode for a large number of our students and staff and we’re excited that this technology will help improve the transit experience for so many. Read More →

Climate Strike & Red River College

September 23, 2019

We’re in the midst of a global movement. Students around the world are taking to the streets and using the power of their collective voices to raise awareness about climate change and the need for urgent action through the Global Climate Strike.

Locally, Manitoba Youth for Climate Action is holding a week of events, culminating with a General Strike for Climate Action at the Manitoba Legislative Building on Friday, September 27. At the college, we know that so many of our students, staff and faculty care deeply and passionately about climate issues.

We also acknowledge the role we play in our community to bring a climate lens to everything we do. For these reasons, the College will be providing opportunities for faculty, staff and students to show their solidarity with the Global Climate Strike movement while on campus. Read More →

RRC’s Fourth Annual Farmers’ Market – See you there!

September 6, 2019

Women selling jarred preserves to market goers

Jaya’s Preserves is back for their second market

The leaves are changing, sweater weather is back and it’s time to mark your calendars for our annual RRC Farmers’ Market!

On Friday, September 20th, the Library Hallway will be full of local vendors offering jewelry, candles, art, personal care products, sweet treats, produce and everything you need to usher in fall. And don’t forget to pick up your jars of our very own 2019 RRC Creekside honey. The Market is open to all RRC staff, faculty, students and the public. Read More →

Welcome Back: Your Green Guide 2019

August 29, 2019

September is an exciting time at the College with new classes, new faces, and new goals.

Our Sustainability Office is also in a period of change and new beginnings. We are happy to welcome a brandnew team member (blog post coming soon) and also have a big announcement that we are really excited for so stay tuned for that in the first few weeks of September.

Whether you’re new to the College or returning, here’s your “Intro to Sustainability” for keeping it green on campus this semester. Read More →