In addition to our ongoing, operational sustainability work, our office is continually looking for ways to expand our reach and increase our impact through new initiatives, within the College and beyond.

Resource Reduction Specialist Role

The Resource Reduction Specialist position was created in 2017 with the goal of engaging staff and students in reducing the financial and environmental impacts of our plug load and paper consumption at the College. This unique position has given us the opportunity to be a leader in the field of resource reduction and create innovative solutions.

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Urban Beekeeping

A large group stands on the rooftop of Red River College Polytechnic in front of three beehives for a presentation.In 2016, we installed three rooftop beehives in a partnership with Beeproject Apiaries across RRC Polytech campuses. Among thriving honey supplies and incomparable educational opportunities, our bee journey also raises awareness on how to better support all pollinators.

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