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Welcoming RRC Polytech’s new Chairs

March 20, 2023

RRC Polytech would like to share that we have completed the competitive selection process for the position of Chair, various departments.

Thank you to all who expressed interest in these positions. It was wonderful to see such a strong response to the competition process.

Please join us in welcoming our new Chairs:

School of Business, Information Technology & Creative Arts, Hospitality & Culinary Arts

  • Shelly Chlan, Chair, Hospitality Management
  • Scott Halpenny, Chair, Business Administration Year 2 and Accounting NDC
  • Gail Horvath, Chair, Information Security and IT Operations
  • Melanie Lee Lockhart, Chair, Creative Communications
  • Thomas Lepp, Chair, Digital Multimedia and Game Development
  • Jennifer Powell, Chair, Business Administration Year 1 EDC
  • Sandra Turner, Chair, Application Development and Delivery Year 1
  • Taras Wasyliw, Chair, Business Administration Year 1 NDC

School of Continuing Education

  • Jody Gillis, Chair, IT and Professional Studies

School of Education, Arts & Sciences

  • Pauline Black, Chair, LINC Foundational English Language Learning
  • Patricia Culleton-Koebel, Chair, General Arts and Communication
  • Carleigh Friesen, Chair, Adult Education and Teaching Excellence
  • Rebecca Molly Hiebert, Chair, Professional and Academic Advancement
  • Danny Hutchinson, Chair, Math, Science and Apprenticeship Related Courses
  • Linda Manimtim, Chair, Occupational Specific Language Learning for Career Advancement in Business, Education and Technologies
  • Norlan Page, Chair, Global Access, English Language Programming for Academic Advancement
  • Kirill Serafimovich, Chair, LINC Regional ESL Literacy and Care for Newcomer Children

School of Health Sciences & Community Services

  • Allyson Cooper, Chair, BN Programs, Labs & Simulations
  • Allison Fyfe-Carlson, Chair, Nursing & Affiliated Health Programs
  • Ginelle Giacomin, Chair, Community Services Programs
  • Tasha Gregory, Chair, BN Programs, Curriculum, Research, Planning & Quality Control
  • Sandra Holben, Chair, BN Programs, Clinical-Year 3 & Senior Practicum
  • Ali Khorshidi, Chair, Life Sciences, Veterinary & Dental Programs
  • Kelsey Shay Regnier, Chair, Early Childhood Education
  • Joanna Simmons-Swinden, Chair, BN Programs, Curriculum Theory, Yr. 3 & Off-site Programs

School of Indigenous Education

  • Monica Morin, Chair, Indigenous Pathways and Transition to College Education
  • Saleh Saffari, Chair, Indigenous Innovation and Science Education

School of Skilled Trades & Technologies

  • Dustin Blackwell, Chair, Heavy Duty, Marine and Powersports
  • Michael Blatz, Chair, Collision and Modified Apprenticeship Programs
  • Shylyte Bloodworth, Chair, Manufacturing
  • Aaron Brown, Chair, Mechanical Engineering Technology
  • Lee Demers, Chair, Electrical Trades – Common Core and Certificate
  • Jayne Geisel, Chair, Civil Engineering Technology – Building
  • Nigel Louis, Chair, Aircraft Maintenance
  • Rob Masi, Chair, Mechanical Trades
  • Ryan Peters, Chair, Construction and Power Electrical
  • Patrick Savard, Chair, Piping Trades
  • Scott Savoy, Chair, Construction Trades
  • James Voth, Chair, Automotive Trades

Please stay tuned for more information on the new Chairs.

EU Senior Trade Commissioners visit RRC Polytech

March 20, 2023

L-R: Dr. Christine Watson, Vice President, Academic, RRC Polytech, Debra Boyce, Trade Commissioner (Arts, Information and Life sciences), Alexandre Lesage, Trade Commissioner Assistant (Education), Alexandre Cote, Regional Director and Senior Trade Commissioner for the Manitoba/Saskatchewan Regional Office, Andreas Weichert, Senior Trade Commissioner, Embassy of Canada to Germany, Fred Meier, President and CEO, RRC Polytech, Brad Havixbeck, Trade Commissioner (Agri-food, Aerospace/Defense), Michael Willmott, Senior Trade Commissioner, Embassy of Canada to the Kingdom of Denmark, Michelle Gartland, Senior Trade Commissioner, Embassy of Canada to Belgium and Luxembourg, and Adam Barbolet, Senior Trade Commissioner, Embassy of Canada to the Netherlands.

Fred Meier, President and CEO and Christine Watson, Vice-President, Academic had the pleasure of hosting Senior Trade Commissioners from Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands and Canada at Manitou a bi Bii daziigae last week.

They were able to share about the incredible things happening at RRC Polytech including projects currently underway managed by students. The group discussed College priorities, including commitments to Indigenous education, research and innovation, international education and technology-based collaborations.

The meeting included a tour of the Roundhouse, Sandbox and the ACE Project Space where the Commissioners were able to hear from students about the projects they are working on. Thank you to the Manitoba & Saskatchewan Regional Office Trade Commissioners for coordinating this visit.

Updated Notre Dame Campus Hours

March 10, 2023

Safety, Health and Security Services recently completed a review of the Notre Dame Campus (NDC) hours of operation. With a campus footprint of one-million square feet, our NDC hours needed to be adjusted to better manage security of all buildings and align with Exchange District Campus hours.

Previously, staff, students and visitors were permitted to stay on campus until midnight, which has now been updated to 11:00 p.m. This change will still allow those who are taking evening classes time to leave campus.

Effective March 13, 2023, the Notre Dame Campus is open the following hours:

Monday to Friday:

  • 6:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. All doors are open.
  • 8:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m. All doors are locked. Doors equipped with a card reader will be accessible by employees and students by swiping their card.
  • 11:00 p.m. – 6:00 a.m. All doors are locked.

Saturday and Sunday:

  • All buildings are locked. Anyone requiring campus access must enter through Security in C Building.

We recognize that there are events in the evening and on weekends. We will work with the program/department to accommodate event access as needed. 

If you have any questions, please contact

RRC Polytech kicks off #ImmigrationMatters initiative with a night at the museum

March 10, 2023

Throughout the month of March, RRC Polytech is supporting Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada’s (IRCC) #ImmigrationMatters initiative, which encourages Canadians and established immigrants to engage with and welcome newcomers to their communities.

As part of RRC Polytech’s support for this awareness campaign, the Language Training Centre is highlighting a number of events and initiatives taking place that promote positive interactions between Canadians and newcomers.

On Thursday, March 2, more than 500 newcomer and international students, along with their families, friends, and RRC Polytech staff, took part in an evening of fun, learning, and exploration at the Manitoba Museum.

Participants learned about Manitoba’s rich and diverse history while practicing their English and connecting with their community and new friends.

“Building relationships between Canadians and newcomers is essential in successfully integrating newcomers and building strong, inclusive communities,” says Kerri Korabelnikov, RRC Polytech’s Dean, School of Education, Arts & Sciences. “This event is the perfect example of communities coming together to connect, have fun, learn, and share knowledge.”

The Manitoba Museum generously hosted this inclusive event, free of charge for LTC students, staff, faculty, and their families. Follow along with the #ImmigrationMatters campaign on social media.

Welcoming RRC Polytech’s new Assistants to the Deans, Schools of Indigenous Education and Skilled Trades & Technologies

March 6, 2023

RRC Polytech is pleased to share we have completed the competitive selection process for the position of Assistant to the Dean, School of Indigenous Education, and Assistant to the Dean, School of Skilled Trades & Technologies

Please join us in welcoming Amber Klein as the new Assistant to the Dean, School of Indigenous Education and Mercy Alalade as the new Assistant to the Dean, School of Skilled Trades & Technologies.

Amber Klein graduated from the University of Manitoba with a Bachelor of Arts Degree, majoring in economics. Since completing her undergraduate degree, she has taken on a variety of administrative and financial roles, most recently with the Louis Riel Institute. Throughout her career, Amber has chosen roles with non-profit organizations in hopes to give back to the community.

Outside office hours, Amber enjoys trying new foods and planning her next vacation. Amber is interested in her culture and heritage as a Métis citizen. She can also be found attending Métis events around the city.

Amber is thrilled to join the College, assisting the Dean’s office and faculty with the supports needed to ensure success.

As an administrative professional with experience managing business functions and providing support to executives and clients, Mercy Alalade has developed a strong skillset in optimizing efficiency and productivity. Her background includes a range of roles, including Finance/Office Administrator at Daytona Homes, Project Coordinator and Safety Officer at a construction organization, Office Assistant at Parsons Plumbing & Heating Ltd, and Volunteer Office Assistant at Health Sciences Centre.

Mercy is a graduate of the University of Manitoba, where she earned an Advanced Bachelor of Arts in Labour Studies and Management. Additionally, she has certifications as a Safety Auditor under CSAM.

Outside of work, she enjoys reading and spending time with family.

RRC Polytech reflects on one-year mark of war in Ukraine

February 24, 2023

RRC Polytech has lowered its flags across our campuses today to mark one-year since the war began against Ukraine and its people.  

The war continues to affect thousands of Ukrainians and their families all over the world. However, news from Ukraine no longer dominates our headlines, and many of us have the privilege of carrying on with our lives – secure in the knowledge our family and loved ones are safe. We know this is not the reality for so many members of our community with deep ties to Ukraine. The war remains all-consuming.

RRC Polytech continues to condemn these attacks on Ukraine. We stand with those of you who are directly impacted by the war, and our thoughts are with you as this tragedy persists.

Manitoba has one of the largest Ukrainian communities in the country, and this population is growing as more and more Ukrainians migrate to Manitoba in search of stability and a new life. Many of us at RRC Polytech call Ukraine home or have close ties to family and friends still living there.

Even if we are not directly affected by the war, it is normal to feel overwhelmed and sad at this time. Know that RRC Polytech has many supports in place if you find yourself needing help, or if your work or studies are impacted by the war. Our Student Support Services and Employee Family Assistance Program are available free of charge for students, staff, and faculty. I encourage you to reach out and get the help you need, and to connect with loved ones who may need extra support at this time.

Let’s keep taking care of each other.

Melanie Gudmundson, Chief Human Resource Officer

Micro-credentials, maximum impact: RRC Polytech’s Quick Train courses contribute to cleaner and more inclusive economy

February 22, 2023

Red River College Polytechnic is ready to boost Canada’s resilient recovery, with the introduction of Quick Train Canada: a fully-funded series of micro-credentials from post-secondary institutions throughout the country. RRC Polytech is part of a coalition of Canadian colleges, polytechnics and cégeps called Canadian Colleges for a Resilient Recovery (C2R2) that worked together to secure federal funding for this important training initiative, and is the only Manitoba institution to offer Quick Train courses.

C2R2 formally launched Quick Train at Mohawk College in Hamilton this morning, with the announcement of a $46.5 million investment from the Government of Canada’s Sectoral Workforce Solutions Program.

“One of our strengths as a polytechnic is offering agile, relevant training that empowers people to excel in their fields,” says Dr. Christine Watson, Vice President, Academic, RRC Polytech. “This funding creates access to important upskilling and re-skilling opportunities throughout their careers, ensuring Manitoba has a workforce that contributes to a more sustainable and equitable economy.”

Quick Train programming is designed to enable workers and employers to update their skills quickly through multi-week, virtual, and in-person learning. Each of the 14 C2R2 institutions offer Quick Train courses specific to their areas of expertise, all of which support Canada’s transition to a low-carbon economy while fostering equity, diversity, and inclusion in the workplace. Through this partnership, Manitobans have access to Quick Train micro-credentials from C2R2 institutions across the country – many courses are offered in-person for local learners, while others are entirely virtual.

“The transition to the new low-carbon economy will demand a well-trained workforce and Canada’s colleges and aligned institutions are well-equipped to develop and deliver the programs to prepare people for those exciting new careers,” said Ron J. McKerlie, President and CEO of Mohawk College, where C2R2’s administration and secretariat are managed. “The Canadian Colleges for a Resilient Recovery coalition has developed Quick Train Canada to provide Canadians with a direct link to thousands of training and research opportunities to help Canadians access good jobs. We are excited to support the transition to the low carbon economy while fostering inclusion, diversity, and equity throughout the process.”

RRC Polytech currently offers six Quick Train courses through the C2R2 initiative: three that focus on Clean Tech (Introduction to Electric Vehicle Technology, Electric Vehicle Communication and Computer Systems, and Building Envelope Science: Principles and Practice), and three that focus on Social Innovation (Engagement and Relationship-Building with Indigenous Communities, Indigenous and Canadian Government Relationships, and The Consultation Process). The tuition-free courses are currently full, though the College plans to launch more Quick Train courses this Spring.

“The Quick Train initiative demonstrates that Canadian institutions thrive when we work together,” continues Watson. “As the only post-secondary institute in Manitoba involved with C2R2, it was important for us to work with our partners to establish a resource that will benefit not only Manitobans, but anyone across Canada looking to update their skills,” continues Dr. Watson. “Our partnership with C2R2 allows us, in particular, to showcase RRC Polytech’s significant contribution to electric vehicle applied research and training on a national scale.”

RRC Polytech’s Vehicle Technology & Energy Centre (VTEC) is a local leader in EV technology, having recently worked with Frontiers North Adventures, a Churchill-based touring company, to convert their fleet of diesel-powered tundra buggies to battery electric vehicles, as well as providing supplemental training to Winnipeg Transit on electric bus maintenance.

Since 2020, 14 leading Canadian post-secondary institutions have worked together as C2R2 to lead Canada’s transition to a clean economy by bridging the skills gap for a strong recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

For more information, visit

RRC Polytech Opens its Doors to thousands of potential students for open house event

February 21, 2023

Red River College Polytechnic is welcoming more than 3,000 prospective students tomorrow for Open Doors, its first in-person open house event since 2020.

“After two years of virtual events, we’re thrilled to once again open our doors to future students to introduce the many options available to them through a polytechnic education,” says Dr. Christine Watson, Vice President, Academic, RRC Polytech. “The landscape of work is ever-changing, and employers are seeking a diverse workforce. Open Doors gives us the chance to demonstrate how diversity drives innovation at RRC Polytech. We’re transforming our learning model, in part to address changes in the workforce, to prepare our students for the future of work.”

RRC Polytech is hosting 13 program-specific tours at the Notre Dame Campus and four at the Exchange District Campus, giving potential students a firsthand glimpse at the College’s equipment and facilities. The Open Doors’ Exhibition Hall at the Notre Dame Campus will feature information booths where attendees can connect one-on-one with staff and instructors to learn more about RRC Polytech programs, campuses and supports.

“We know how important it is to create exposure to RRC Polytech early on, so we’ve been going out into the community to meet potential students where they’re at – now, we’re looking forward to welcoming these students onto our campuses to give them a taste of what they can expect from a polytechnic experience,” says Clint Thiessen, Student Recruitment Officer at RRC Polytech. “RRC Polytech prepares students for today’s workforce because they learn from industry-trained faculty, on the latest equipment, and in environments similar to what they’ll find on the job.”

In addition to full- and part-time learning, RRC Polytech is increasing its micro-credential and flexible learning opportunities to provide more options to learners at any stage in their journey – whether they’re at the beginning of their career or they’re upskilling or re-skilling as a mature student. For more information about programs, visit

Open Doors – RRC Polytech’s Open House will take place tomorrow, Wednesday February 22, 2023 from 9:00 a.m.- 2:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. at the Notre Dame and Exchange District Campuses. For more information, please visit

RRC Polytech Students Outrace the Competition at Sprint to Innovate

February 21, 2023

Sprint to Innovate – The Innovation Challenge may not be an athletic competition but the business and technology students who race against each other and the clock to solve real-world business problems over the course of a weekend feel the same pride, exhaustion and elation as any Olympic sprinter setting a personal best.  

Red River College Polytechnic teamed up with Tech Manitoba, the University of Manitoba’s Faculty of Science and presenting sponsor, Access Credit Union to host the latest Sprint to Innovate instalment at Manitou a bi Bii daziigae in late January. The three-day friendly competition brings together post-secondary students and instructors with industry mentors in an exercise designed to spark and inspire an entrepreneurial spirit.

Physical speed and strength aren’t tested in this sprint, instead students must flex their cognitive muscles to reach the podium by presenting a solution or prototype that addresses a challenge submitted by a local business. The judges are looking for the most dynamic thinkers who excel at organization, collaboration, and communication – critical skills for all innovators.   

The judging panel of Noah WilsonAshley RichardDean Staples, and Ashleigh Lodge had some very tough decisions to make based on the outstanding solutions offered by the student teams.

The top prize of $6000 went to RRC Polytech’s Team Saturno for their solution to the candidates challenge from Canada’s Association of IT Professionals (CIPS) Manitoba. The RRC Polytech students developed a system to evaluate job candidates and candidate resumes objectively and responsibly using the Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA) Skills Credentialing Framework.

Another College team, Innovate to Elevate took second place and $3000 for tackling the City of Winnipeg’s Snow Clearing Challenge.

Team Better Safe Than Sorry brought students from the U of M and RRC Polytech together to solve the Campus Safety Challenge and shared the $2150 third place prize.

All teams advancing to the semi-finals cashed an additional cheque for $550, including The Squad, InnoBusinessRRC, The Conqueror, and The Rubber Duckies.

In the event’s opening keynote, Managing Director at Ubisoft Winnipeg, Michael Henderson shared advice and guidance based on his global experience working his way up to studio leadership with tech giants like Disney and Dreamworks, and in his current role.             

Organizers would like to thank all the volunteer mentors who supported the students throughout the weekend and the challenge representatives from CIPS Manitoba, IntegrationworxWinnipeg Airports Authority, Access Credit Union, Renterii Inc, City of Winnipeg, and Daniel Saltel

The prize pool continues to grow annually thanks to Title Sponsor Access Credit Union, and Event Sponsors inVision EdgeRiipenRed River MutualRed River College PolytechnicFaculty of Science, University of Manitoba, CIPS ManitobaIntegrationworxNational Research Council Canada / Conseil national de recherches CanadaCity of Winnipeg, and Neo Financial.

Planning is already underway for next year’s event. Sprint to Innovate – The Innovation Challenge gives students from varied disciplines a unique opportunity to learn from mentors and each other, network with future employers and contacts, and apply their skills to solve tangible business challenges under deadline pressure – invaluable experience for the innovative leaders of tomorrow.

Welcoming RRC Polytech’s new Assistant to the Dean, School of Health Sciences & Community Services

February 13, 2023

RRC Polytech is pleased to share we have completed the competitive selection process for the position of Assistant to the Dean, School of Health Sciences & Community Services.

Please join us in welcoming Mary Northover-Ramey as the new Assistant to the Dean, School of Health Sciences & Community Services.

Mary is an administrative professional with 18 years of experience, having as the Administrative Assistant in the Community Services Department in the School of Health Sciences & Community Services for the past 10 years. Mary has diplomas in General Arts and Sciences and Advertising from Sheridan College, and an Executive Assistant Certificate from George Brown College.

Mary is a dedicated community member who volunteers in various capacities, supporting many College initiatives such as the BRAVO Awards Committee, the Early Childhood Education Awards Committee, and Convocation.

Mary places a high value on building relationships, learning, and taking on new challenges in her work. She enjoys working in a fast-paced environment and works well under pressure.