Safety and Security

Security Services is located midway through in the Atrium at Room P106 at the Roblin Centre and on the main floor in Room 100 at the Paterson GlobalFoods Institute. The security offices are open from 7:00 a.m. to midnight daily, however Security staff are on duty 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Security can be reached at 204-949-8305 or by using any of the Safe Walk phones located throughout the two buildings.

When the buildings are closed, calls to security will be answered after four rings on a cell phone carried by a security officer.

Safe Walk

Safe Walk is a service that provides escorts for students, staff and visitors between two points at the Exchange District Campus or to a point in close proximity to the College (including parking lots).

To contact the Safe Walk Patrol, call 204-949-8305 or pick up a Safe Walk phone located across campus

The Roblin Centre – William Building

Location #
W6 – (6th floor North) 1
W5 – (5th floor North) 2
W4 – (4th floor North) 3
W3 – (3rd floor North) 4
W2 – (2nd floor North) 5
W1 – (1st floor North) 6
WB – Basement North 7

The Roblin Centre – Adelaide Building

Location #
A4 – east (Atrium hallway) 1
A3 – east (Atrium hallway) 2
A2 – east (Atrium hallway) 3
Atrium – north end @ A104 (Lecture Theatre) 4

The Roblin Centre – Princess Building

Location #
P4 – north @ P404/403 1
P4 – south @ P418 2
P3 – north @ P304/303 3
P3 – south @ P321 4
P2 – north @ P204/203 5
P2 – south @ P213 (Library entrance) 6
P1 – north @ (n/e corner Cafeteria) 7
P1 – south @ P112 (Tim Horton hallway) 8

Paterson GlobalFoods Institute

Location #
Basement – West Elevator 1
Basement – Elevator Lobby 2
2nd floor West Receiving Elevator 3
2nd floor South West Exit 4
2nd Floor East Elevator Lobby 5
3rd Floor West Receiving Elevator 6
3rd Floor South West Exit 7
3rd Floor South East Exit 8
3rd Floor East Elevator Lobby 9
4th Floor William Stairwell Exit 10
4th Floor East Elevator Lobby 11
5th Floor William Stairwell Exit 12
5th Floor East Elevator Lobby 13
6th Floor William Stairwell Exit 14
6th Floor East Elevator Lobby 15
7th Floor William Stairwell Exit 16
7th Floor East Elevator Lobby 17
8th Floor William Stairwell Exit 18
8th Floor East Elevator Lobby 19
9th Floor William Stairwell Exit 20
9th Floor East Elevator Lobby 21
10th Floor William Stairwell Exit 22
10th Floor East Elevator Lobby 23