Safety and Security

Security Services is located on the Plaza Level of Building C, Room C115, at the Notre Dame Campus. The security office is open from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. daily, however security staff are on duty 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Security can be reached at 204-632-2323 or by using any of the Safe Walk phones located throughout the Notre Dame Campus.

When the building is closed, calls to security will be answered after three rings on a cell phone carried by a security officer.

Safe Walk

Safe Walk is a service that provides escorts for students, staff and visitors between two points at the Notre Dame Campus or to a point in close proximity to the College (including parking lots).

To contact the Safe Walk Patrol, call 204.632.2323 or pick up a Safe Walk phone located across campus.

Location #
South Entrance, South Gym 1
Building A, Plaza Level (A1-01) 2
Building A, 3rd Floor (A330B) 3
Building A, 4th Floor (A425) 4
Building B, Plaza Level (NE exit) 5
Building B, Plaza Level (J Ramp) 6
Building C, Plaza Level (Security Office) 7
Corner of Buildings D & E, Entrance 8
Corner of Buildings E & F, Entrance 9
Corner of Buildings D & E, 2nd Floor 10
Corner of Buildings E & F, 2nd Floor 11
Corner of Buildings E & F, 3rd Floor 12
Room FM-72 14
North Gym – Equipment Counter 15
Building J, Plaza Level (J1-05) 16
Building C, Mall Level (Library) 17
Building H, Mall Level (Health Centre) 18
Building A & B, Mall Level (Hard Drive Cafeteria) 19
Building M, Plaza Level Hallway (NW Interior) 20
Building C, Plaza Level (East Exterior) 21
Building J, 2nd Floor (J206) 22
Building A, AB82 Change Room 23
Building A, 3rd Floor (N/S Hallway – A301) 24
Building A, 4th Floor (N/S Hallway – A426) 25
South Gym, SW corner by running track 26
Building A, 3rd Floor (A317) 27
North Gym, Exercise Loft 28
Building B, Loading Dock 29
Building A, 2nd Floor (A235) 30
Building C, Plaza Level (West Entrance) 31
Building Z, 1st Floor West 32
Building Z, 1st Floor East 33
Building Z, 1st Floor Reception 34
Building Z, 2nd Floor West 35
Building Z, 2nd Floor East 36
South Parking Lot 37
West Parking Lot 38