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LinkedIn Learning for Thrive Skills and Mindset

November 5, 2019

Thrive Week intends to provide an opportunity to develop skills and mindset to flourish and be healthy – socially, physically, spiritually, and mentally. Building a sense of belonging and connectedness, with strong empathetic relationships, is essential.

To support your Thrive journey, Library Services has curated a short playlist of LinkedIn Learning courses that can help you:

  • develop a positive mindset for life success
  • understand one’s own personal values
  • build personal confidence and resilience
  • enhance listening skills

Check out these free resources by signing in to LinkedIn Learning!


Video: Six anti-success habits with Chris Croft

Take a short break and learn six anti-success habits that can create a barrier to success if you don’t become aware of them and avoid them.

Duration: 4m 14s



Course: Cultivating a Growth Mindset with Gemma Leigh Roberts

Mindset is a choice. Learn how to cultivate a growth mindset in order to achieve your true potential.

Duration: 58m 57s



Course: Developing Self-Awareness with Gemma Leigh Roberts

Learn how to become more self-aware in order to develop yourself personally and enhance career progression.

Duration: 1h 0m



Course: Enhancing Resilience with Gemma Leigh Roberts

Being resilient will not only help you overcome challenges—it will help you thrive. Learn how to create a proactive plan to build your resilience, maintain it in the face of challenges, and track your progress over time.

Duration: 53m 29s



Course: Developing your Emotional Intelligence with Gemma Leigh Roberts

Align your intentions and your impact so that you can build strong and collaborative relationships.

Duration: 1h 10m



Course: Effective Listening with Brenda Bailey-Hughes and Tatiana Kolovou

Assess your current listening skills, understand the challenges to effective listening (such as distractions!), and develop behaviors that will allow you to become a better listener.

Duration: 1h 8m



For more information about these resources, you can contact Nora Sobel (Diversity Initiatives Coordinator) at or 204.632.2404.

For information on how to use your LinkedIn Learning account, click here.

–Posted by Nora Sobel, Library Services