New employee IT help resources

The following resources provide a brief snapshot of the information available on the ITS Help Resources website. This page is intended to provide you with helpful tools, suggestions, and advice to get you started at Red River College Polytechnic. If you require assistance from the ITS department, please see the ITS Service Desk webpage to submit a support request.

You can scroll through all of these introductory topics or click the following links to navigate directly to the area you need help with:

Staff password help resources

For helpful password information and troubleshooting tips, please see the Staff password help resources webpage.

For additional password help and support, you can also see the Passwords topic on the ITS Help Resources webpage, or navigate directly to the following pages:

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HUB is home to all your College resources and all of RRC Polytech’s online apps. It provides a centralized location for all your College needs. All RRC Polytech staff members have access to HUB, but your access to HUB resources is based on your unique job requirements.

For detailed information on using and customizing HUB, you can see the HUB topic on the ITS Help Resources webpage and explore the following pages:

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Connect a printer in Windows

The Staff Printing topic on the ITS Help Resources webpage contains information about installing network printers on your Windows computer, as well as valuable information about Xerox printers and your PaperCut account.

For detailed information about installing a network printer and setting your printer defaults, please see the following webpages:

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Staff Email FAQ

In addition to providing answers to general Staff Email FAQ, the Staff Email topic on the ITS Help Resources webpage provides detailed instructions for getting the most of Outlook. Visit this resource to learn about topics including, but not limited to, the following:

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Connect to RRC wireless

The Connect to Red River College wireless webpage is your one‑stop source for all your RRC wireless questions. Whether you need general information about wireless locations, connecting to the network, configuring your device, or forgetting the network after you change your password, this webpage has the answers.

This webpage includes highly detailed device‑specific instructions for connecting, configuring, and forgetting the network on Windows, Mac, and Android platforms. You also can explore this page for troubleshooting tips, FAQ, and network support locations.

You can revisit this page at any time in the Wireless Network topic on the ITS Help Resources webpage.

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Instructor classroom support

If you are having difficulty connecting to a classroom projector with a College‑issued computer, please see the Instructor classroom support webpage. This troubleshooting guide provides solutions to the most common issues.

If you are unable to resolve your projector‑related issue using this guide, please see the Library – Audio Visual Services webpage, click Report Classroom AV Problem on the left‑hand pane, and submit a report to receive help from a Library staff member.

If you are having a computer‑related issue, please see the ITS Service Desk webpage to submit a support request.

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Caring for College‑issued laptops

Faculty and staff members are responsible for the safekeeping of the IT equipment assigned to them. Once IT Solutions allocates IT assets to individuals, it is their responsibility to ensure its proper use in accordance with policies IT1 – Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources and IT2 – Security of Information Technology Resources.

All College‑issued laptops come with a manufacturer’s warranty. If your laptop is malfunctioning, please see the ITS Service Desk webpage to submit a support request so IT Solutions can have it serviced before the warranty period expires. If you accidentally damage your laptop by dropping it, spilling liquid on it, etc., IT Solutions will coordinate non‑warranty repairs and your department will be responsible for the repair costs.

For a detailed list of guidelines that can help you care for your laptop, please see the Caring for College‑issued laptops webpage.

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Software Center

Software Center is a repository of computer applications and system updates available to all RRC Polytech staff. It provides a simple mechanism for installing, removing, and updating software in an easy to use interface.

Software Center not only maximizes IT Solutions ability to provide installations and updates to thousands of College computers, but it also provides you with the ability to choose which software to download and when to install updates.

For detailed information about opening Software Center and installing, upgrading, or uninstalling programs, please see the Software Center page in the General Computer Information topic on the ITS Help Resources webpage.

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Staff PaperCut print accounts

Red River College Polytechnic uses PaperCut print management software, which allows you to install, access, and use College networked printers on your personal tablet or laptop. The PaperCut software also provides convenient 24/7 access to your detailed account history and outstanding print jobs.

You can log on to your PaperCut account using your College user name and password. Please see the Staff Printing topic on the ITS Help Resources webpage for more PaperCut information.

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Office 365 FAQ

Each employee is provided with access to Office 365—Microsoft’s cloud‑based applications and services. Your Office 365 access includes the following:

  • The latest and most up‑to‑date versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneNote.
  • The ability to work on any device, such as PCs, Macs, tablets, and phones.
  • Access to 1 TB of cloud‑based storage using OneDrive.

For detailed information, please see the Office 365 topic on the ITS Help Resources webpage.

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Set up OneDrive in Windows

Your College‑issued Office 365 access includes 1 TB of cloud‑based OneDrive storage. You can set up OneDrive on any computer using your College log on credentials and access your files anywhere there is an Internet connection. To set up your OneDrive folder, please see the Set up OneDrive Help Resources page for directions.

You can also see the Office 365 topic on the ITS Help Resources webpage for information about sharing and copying files in OneDrive, using OneDrive on a nonprimary computer, and obtaining help and training with Office 365 products.

Microsoft Teams

Teams is a cloud‑based chat and collaboration workspace in Microsoft Office 365. Team members have access to all the documents and conversations within a team. Conversations and chats within Teams can be formal or informal and dynamic or cooperative. Teams is updated regularly as part of the added functionality updates provided by Microsoft.

Please see the Teams page to find out more.

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Webex is today’s leading enterprise solution for video and web conferencing. This secure software‑based platform for video and audio conferencing, business messaging, and webinar hosting helps organizations be more productive. Participants can join from any browser, device, or system—just by answering the telephone.

Please see the Webex page to find out more.

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SharePoint FAQ

SharePoint is a collaboration tool from Microsoft that allows project teams or departments to share and work on documentation and store files that should not be publicly accessible.

See the SharePoint FAQ page for information about creating a SharePoint – Team Site, or see the Team Sites (SharePoint) topic on the ITS Help Resources webpage for a detailed list of topics to help you navigate the SharePoint environment.

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WebAdvisor is the College’s online service that provides you with 24‑hour access to your personal and College‑related information. Some of the tools you can access using WebAdvisor include the following:

  • Review your leave plan summary and balance.
  • Enter, view, and modify requisitions for goods and services.
  • Access budget selection and summary information, and approve documents.
NOTE: WebAdvisor is moving to the new Payments and Profile website, but both systems are currently operational.

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Payments and Profile

Payments and Profile is the College’s online service that provides you with 24‑hour access to your personal and College‑related information. Some of the tools you can access using Payments and Profile include the following:

  • View and update your personal contact information.
  • Review and print your pay advices.
  • Consent to receive your T4 tax receipts electronically.

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ITS Service Desk

The ITS Service Desk is the College’s first point of contact for technical issues and requests. The ITS Service Desk team will resolve your issue or forward it to the right people who can provide you with the help you need.

Please see the ITS Service Desk webpage to receive up‑to‑date information and alerts, browse self‑help links, search the College’s knowledge base for answers to your specific questions, or submit a support request to receive help from an ITS team member.

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Information technology policies

All Red River College Polytechnic staff must read, and abide by, the intent and content of the following information technology policies:

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Help Resources

The ITS Help Resources webpage has more than 180 self‑help topics designed to help you find solutions to common IT issues. Some of the IT support topics you can explore include the following, and ITS adds new webpages all the time:

  • Office 365, Windows, & Microsoft application help & training
  • Staff Email & Staff Printing
  • Team Sites (SharePoint) & HUB
  • Wireless & VPN networks
  • Password, policy, and security information
  • And much more!

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