Introduction to HUB

HUB is home to all your College resources. It is the first point of contact for Red River College students and provides a central location for all your College needs.

Not only is HUB home to all of RRC’s online applications, but it also is the place where you can access and update your personal information. All RRC students and staff have access to HUB, but an individual’s access to HUB resources is based on their unique program and job requirements. Some of the tools you can access using HUB include, but are not limited to, the following:

HUB for students

HUB for staff

  • View your staff and faculty information, including Staff News, calendars, and attendance.
  • Launch Office 365 or open your Staff Email.
  • Submit a Case Log to receive technical support.
  • Search the online Staff Directory, or change your Parking information.
  • Access WebAdvisor to view and update your personal and College information.
  • Manage reports using RRC Reporting.
  • Access your class resources online using LEARN.

Keeping your HUB information secure

IMPORTANT: To log out of HUB at the end of your session and protect your private information, click the User icon in the top right‑hand corner, and then select Log Out in the drop‑down menu.

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