Software Center

Software Center is a repository of computer applications and system updates available to all RRC Polytech staff. It provides a simple mechanism for installing, removing, and updating software in an easy to use interface.

Software Center not only maximizes IT Solutions ability to provide installations and updates to thousands of College computers, but it also provides you with the ability to choose which software to download and when to install updates.

Software Center will indicate when a new update is available, and you can choose to update immediately or wait seven days from the date IT Solutions releases the update and it will install automatically.

To install, upgrade, or uninstall programs in Software Center, you must close all open programs before beginning.

Opening Software Center

  1. Type Software Center into your Windows search box.
    NOTE: Use the American spelling of Center rather than the Canadian spelling of Centre when searching.
  2. Click Software Center in the search results.
    software center search result

Installing an application

  1. On the Applications tab, click the program you want to install, e.g., Microsoft Office 2016.
    NOTE: Software Center will indicate if an application is new or if an update to an existing application is available.

    software center applications
  2. On the Application Details window, click Install.
    NOTE: You may receive a message to Close All OPEN Programs. If a program includes this message, you must close all programs before clicking Install, but not all programs will contain this message.

    microsoft office
  3. Restart your computer if necessary.

Installing an update

  1. On the Updates tab on the left‑hand pane, you can install updates in the following three ways:
    NOTE: You can choose when you want to install mandatory updates, or you can wait seven days from the date IT Solutions releases the update and it will install automatically.

    1. To install all available updates at once, click the Install All button in the top right‑hand corner.
      install all
    2. To install an individual update, click the update you want to install, and on the Update Details page, click Install.
      install individual update
    3. To select multiple updates to install, click the Enter multi‑select mode toggle button at the top left‑hand side of the table header row, select the check boxes of the updates you want to install, and then click Install Selected.
      install selected
  2. Restart your computer if necessary.

Reviewing the installation status

On the Installation status tab, you can review an application’s status and determine if it installed successfully, failed to install, or has an available update.
installation status

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