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Staff email FAQ

What is the maximum file size for my email attachments?

The maximum size limit for an email is 50 MB. This size limit applies to sent and received emails. If you try sending an email that exceeds 50 MB, you will immediately receive an email notification indicating that your email was undeliverable due to size restrictions. The total size of your email includes attachments, body text, and images or screenshots inserted into the body of your email.

NOTE: If your email includes multiple attachments and exceeds the 25 MB size limit, you can send multiple emails, each with a smaller number of attachments. Using file compression methods like ZIP or RAR also will reduce the size of your attachments before sending.

How do I add a delegate mailbox within Outlook 2010, 2013, or 2016?

If you have access to someone else’s mailbox, or a shared (utility) mailbox, it should automatically appear the next time you start Outlook. Once you configure your account with the appropriate delegate permissions, no additional configuration within Outlook is required on your part.

How can I share my staff Outlook calendar with my admin assistant or with other staff?

If your admin assistant needs access to your staff Outlook calendar, please visit Microsoft’s Share an Outlook calendar with other people webpage to learn more about calendar sharing and how to provide access with specific permissions.

Will I have access to my College email when my contract expires or I leave the College?

IT Solutions deletes staff email accounts and mailboxes when you exit the College. After that, you will only have to HUB.

Can I get my old mailbox back if I am a returning staff member?

IT Solutions deletes your staff mailbox when you exit the College and assigns a new one when you return. Although your new mailbox will likely have the same email address as your previous one, it will be brand new. Your new mailbox will be empty and not contain any of your previous mailbox’s items. In some situations, however, IT Solutions might be able to restore some of your previous mailbox’s contents from backup. If you are a returning staff member and would like IT Solutions to attempt to restore some of your previous mailbox’s items, open the ITS Service Desk website to submit a Service Desk ticket.

How does the College redirect email from someone exiting the College?

As part of the exit process, an employee’s manager decides if they should forward an employee’s email after they leave the College. If necessary, the College will forward the employee’s email to a specified mailbox before deleting the exiting employee’s mailbox. You also can request this after the employee has already exited by submitting an Service Desk ticket using the ITS Service Desk website. However, any email sent to the exited employee’s email address between the time that IT Solutions deletes and then forwards the mailbox will not be recoverable. If you require that all emails get forwarded to another mailbox, it is important to make this request before the employee exits.

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