Customize your HUB home page

  1. Log on to HUB. (Please see the Introduction to HUB webpage for detailed log on instructions.)
    NOTE: When you log on to HUB for the first time, the Welcome to the new HUB splash screen will open. Select the Show this page tomorrow check box if you would like this screen to open the next time you log on to HUB, or clear the check box to close the splash screen and go directly to your HUB home page, and then click Start using HUB.

    HUB splash screen
  2. When your default HUB page opens, you will see the widgets and applications that you have access to. You can click the chevron (˅) icon on the right‑hand side of each widget to expand or collapse the contents, or click the gear (gear icon) icon to open a submenu and reload or remove the widget.
    HUB widgets and applications
    NOTE: HUB will remember which widgets you have expanded or collapsed the next time you log on.
  3. To customize your HUB home page layout and add or remove widgets, click the User icon at the top right‑hand side of your Home page, and then select Customize Layout in the drop‑down menu.
    NOTE: The Customize Layout option will display in the drop‑down menu only when you are on your HUB Home page (no other HUB pages are customizable).

    HUB user drop-down menu
  4. On the Customize HUB page, you can use the following tools to personalize your home page:
    customize HUB page

    • Click the Columns drop‑down menu to choose from 1–4 columns.
      columns drop-down menu
    • Click the Add Section button to add additional sections for other applications and widgets.
      add section button
    • Click the Add Widget button to add your preferred applications and widgets.
      add widget button
    • Click the Revert to Default button to reset to the HUB default layout.
      revert to default button
    • Click the Save Changes button when you have completed your changes.
      save changes button
    • Click the Cancel Changes button to discard your changes.
      cancel changes button
  5. To move a widget on your HUB home page, click the Move (move icon) icon in the row of the widget that you want to move, choose the widget’s new location by clicking Place Here in another section (or above or below its current position), and then click Save Changes.
    move widget option on customize HUB page
  6. To remove a widget, click the Remove (remove icon) icon on the right‑hand side of the widget that you want to remove.
    NOTE: You cannot remove widgets from your home page that have a Lock icon, but you can move them. Refer to Step 5 for instructions on moving widgets.

    remove and lock icons on customize HUB page

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