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October is Canadian Library Month

September 26, 2013


People!  Ideas!  Communities!  Information!  Canada’s libraries foster connections between people, ideas, communities, and information.

In October, these types of connections will be celebrated during Canadian Library Month. This year’s theme is “Libraries Connect”, highlighting how libraries enable people to connect with others, foster the development of ideas, and promote the growth of strong communities.

At this very moment, from coast to coast to coast, Canadian libraries are connecting people with information, providing endless opportunity to people in our diverse communities. For generations, libraries and librarians have worked at the grass roots level, providing services to communities. Today, in Canada, over 23,000 librarians and library clerks serve in over 22,000 libraries in incredibly diverse communities, from major metropolitan areas to towns and rural hamlets, from research‐intensive universities to colleges of art and design.

As well, academic libraries, school libraries and special libraries add to the creativity and personal, professional and academic growth of many Canadians. These libraries serve everyone from students and faculty to those working in the corporate, government, legal and non‐profit sectors.

For additional information please refer to the Canadian Library Month Website: