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Academic Success Centre: Moving, Evolving, Expanding!

July 24, 2019

This past year was an exciting one for the Academic Success Centre! You may have noticed a few changes, including our physical move to Library Services. The relocation of tutoring, academic coaching and EAL supports under the umbrella of the Library has served to increase access and create a hive of academic support and resource services at the heart of NDC and EDC.

The move this past year was incremental, with the introduction of writing, stats and math help desks in the Library lobby, and with the gradual build of small and large group tutoring spaces at both campuses. The 2019/2020 academic year will be one of full integration, with all ASC activity located in or near each campus library.

In addition to creating a one-stop-access point for students, ASC and Library staff have begun to collaborate on new projects and services, increasing the power and scope of RRC academic, resource and research supports and services.

And now we are also part of the Library website! We have re-organized the information about our ASC services and learning resources to make the navigation of the content more efficient, while also making seamless connections with Library resources. Check out our new web presence at

Wishing you a nice summer time and a great beginning of classes in the Fall!