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Civil Engineering Guide

March 6, 2019

There are multiple facets to being a Civil Engineer.

Did you know that Red River College Library has many great resources on the design, construction and maintenance of roads, bridges, canals, dams, airports, pipelines, structural components of buildings, and more?  Check out our guide on Civil Engineering for links to many resources (print and electronic).

Find the CIVIL ENGINEERING guide here:



  1. Go to library.rrc.ca
  2. Click on “Your GUIDE is ready
  3. Select the subject box – Civil Engineering is in the Engineering and Construction Technology section – to see all the guides on this subject
  4. Click the desired guide and you have a great starting point.

Other guides you may find interesting:

What is a Guide?

Guides are curated web pages created by our library staff. Many people who are starting to explore a topic aren’t sure where to start – there are so many options and it can be overwhelming.

Guides are a starting spot for students looking for more information on a particular topic in the collection. A guide will typically include featured books and journals (both print and electronic), databases, Videos (DVDs and streaming) and websites. They may also include specialized information specific to the topic (i.e. WHIMIS or resources specific to an assignment).

Do not hesitate to contact guide owners (information is on the guide) if you have any suggestions to improve this guide (content or special interest areas) or stop by the library – we would love to hear from you. If you would like to see a specific guide for a particular topic please let us know.

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