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Student Registration Now Open for “Get Job Search Ready” Online Workshops with SES and ASC

January 6, 2022

The Academic Success Centre (ASC) is partnering with Student Employment Services (SES) to provide a comprehensive, interactive workshop series on the development of employment documents and skills for students.   

The series will be a combination of presentations by the SES team supported by ASC workshops on complementary topics including: Job Search Strategies and Networking, LinkedIn Profile Development, Resumes and Cover letters, and Interview Strategies and Practice Opportunities. By attending all workshop, students will gain the knowledge and skills they need to succeed with their job search. 

These workshops will be designed for students in business related programs. All students are welcome to attend and adapt the information to their field. 

The workshops will be delivered during January and February to complement the Math, Science, and Communication’s “(COMM-2172) Communication for the Workplace” course.

Register Now: To register for the workshops, click here to visit the Get Job Search Ready website. 

Access the LEARN Shell: Click here to self-enroll into the Get Job Search Ready SES & ASC LEARN shell.

Workshop Overview

Workshops are from 12-1pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

January SeriesDateWorkshop Topic
Week 1Tuesday, Jan 18thIntroduction to Networking
Week 1Thursday, Jan 20thLinkedIn: Growing and Engaging Your Network
Week 2Tuesday, Jan 25thUnderstanding Job Posting Language
Week 2Thursday, Jan 27thPracticing Networking Skills
Week 3Tuesday, Feb 1stResumes: What Employers Want
Week 3Thursday, Feb 3rdCover Letters: What Employers Want
Week 4Tuesday, Feb 8thLanguage for Profile and Skill Statements (Resumes)
Week 4Thursday, Feb 10thWriting Strong Paragraphs (Cover Letters)
Week 5Tuesday, Feb 15thInterview Strategies
Week 5Thursday, Feb 17thInterview Q&A
Week 6Tuesday, Feb 22ndPracticing Strength and Competency-based Interview Questions
Week 6Thursday, Feb 25thPracticing Situational Interview Questions

For questions, please contact Rebecca Hiebert at