Honorary Degree and Diploma

Red River College Polytechnic prides itself on the ability to award Honorary Degrees or Diplomas to individuals who demonstrate high standards of excellence in their personal and professional achievements and whose accomplishments locally, nationally, or internationally qualify them for such recognition.

The award honours individuals in diverse fields who are distinguished by their significant accomplishments and contributions and whose receipt of the award will bring honour and distinction to Red River College Polytechnic.

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Recipients of the Honorary Degree or Diploma may include former members of RRC Polytech’s Board of Governors, former advisory committee members, former public officials and former employees, as well as those who have no prior role with the College. RRC Polytech graduates are eligible for a separate distinction: the College’s Distinguished Alumni Award. At no time shall an individual with a current paid position or one who serves on the RRC Polytech Board of Governors be recognized with this honour.

Honorary Degrees and Diplomas will be presented during Red River College Polytechnic’s spring convocation ceremony. The recipient must be present to have the honour conferred upon him/her and is a condition of this honour. Should the successful candidate not be able to attend the convocation ceremony, he/she may be considered for the award in the following year and only at the discretion of the President. In special circumstances, the College can decide to honour the recipient in a location that is more suitable to the recipient.

The recipient of the Honorary Degree or Diploma will be invited to address the convocation.

Nomination Criteria

Nominees should meet one or more of the criteria as outlined below to be considered. The individual:

  • Has made significant contributions to either: (1) Red River College Polytechnic; (2) a particular field of post-secondary study; and/or (3) post-secondary education on a local, national or international level;
  • Has accomplished great success in either a paid or volunteer position that reflects the values of Red River College Polytechnic;
  • Enhances or promotes the College’s image/reputation in Manitoba or elsewhere; and/or
  • Serves as an inspirational example to the College community due to significant accomplishment or achievement.


RRC Polytech’s Board of Governors will approve the recipient(s) from a ranked list of nominees recommended by the Honorary Degree/Diploma Committee. If the Board’s first choice recipient is unable to accept the award, it may then be offered to the second choice nominee, etc.

Past Recipients