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Vitamin D

December 12, 2016

We have all been told that during the winter months we can suffer from Vitamin D deficiency, but what does that really mean?

When I had children it was important to provide them with vitamin D drops daily. I was told this helped them to absorb calcium, which in turn assisted with growing healthy bones and teeth. Does this also apply to adults? We’re not growing bones or teeth but we want to keep what we have healthy and strong.

I went online to see how important Vitamin D was for adults, turns out it has many benefits beyond bones and teeth. I had no idea how important vitamin D was, but the best part was how easy it is to get this vitamin (for the whole family). Simply purchase Vitamin D drops and take a few drops every day.  Plus, it doesn’t taste bad. That a win/win for me!

Check out this link that outlines the benefits to vitamin D.


Red River College's Wellness Initiative - a tool to assist your with your own wellness journey.

Red River College’s Wellness Initiative – a tool to assist with your own wellness journey.