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April 2024 Mindwell Programs

March 28, 2024

This April, Mindwell is hosting programs to help you manage financial stress and build a healthy relationship with money so you can feel and perform your best, despite what is happening in the economy.

To register for your free Mindwell click here!

Financial Freedom Part 1

A small green plant growing out of the soil surrounded by three piles of coins.

Higher inflation and mortgage rates are impacting the cost of living and creating financial stress. Stress decreases our work creativity and our ability to make wise money decisions.

This April, cultivate simple, universal truths to transform how you relate to money and discover your purpose, ease, and engagement with money.

By joining this session, you will learn to:

  1. Gain awareness of the body’s and mind’s financial intelligence.
  2. Save money without feeling burdened.
  3. Discover how much is enough.
  4. Cultivate and experience a mindset of “enough”.
  5. reframe your unhelpful money beliefs and habits.
  6. Pay attention to the important numbers.
  7. Increase your confidence and creativity at work.

Starting April 4th 12:00pm CST. Register here!

Finding Peace from Within

A picture of mountains in the horizon.

We often look for external confirmation to bring us peace or joy such as material things, money or validation from others. However, true joy and peace come from within. Learn tools to tap into these feelings at any time, anywhere!

Fridays at 11:00am CST. Register here!

Validating Your Inner Experience

A stem with leaves touching the top of a body of water.

When we feel stress, worry or any other “negative” emotion, we too often tend to try to push it away – which unfortunately brings it back stronger. Instead, learn how to connect to validate your inner experience and let go with mindful moment.

Wednesdays at 11:00am CST. Register here!

Thai Chi: Just 4 Feet and 10 Minutes

Two people in the outdoors doing Tai chi on green grass with trees in the background.

Tai chi does not require any equipment or special clothes. Learn the basics, and you can practice for free anywhere, anytime. Imagine doing your favorite hobby for free every day!

Tuesdays at 4:30pm CST. Register here!

Handling Financial Anxiety

An open hand facing upwards with a beam of sunlight and a bird coming out of it.

Are financial worries keeping you up at night? Join Jackie to explore, befriend and learn from your current financial anxiety so you can make wise, value-based choices to set yourself up for future success.

Mondays at 12:00pm CST. Register here!

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