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Introduction to Mental Health Sessions – Prize Winners!

April 4, 2024

Mental health is an integral part of our overall well-being, yet it is often shrouded in myths, misunderstandings and stigma. To address this aspect of student life, Campus Well-Being created Introduction to Mental Health sessions, designed specifically for students!

These sessions, held during the winter term, were meant to be a steppingstone towards understanding the basics of mental health, debunking common myths, and learning effective strategies on how to manage mental health as a student.

All participants were entered into a prize draw and below are the winners! Read what they have to say about mental health and the Introduction to Mental Health sessions.

Olasubomi Kaka

Woman sitting on a chair with her hand on her cheek, smiling.

“There was a lot of valuable insight to be gained from the Introduction to Mental Health session. I learnt the importance of recognizing behavioral patterns because of how some harmless behaviors, when combined, could potentially be symptoms of mental health issues. For example, things like mood swings, and changes in sleep patterns, might be overlooked individually but could collectively signal depression or anxiety. Recognizing those patterns makes it easier to identify any struggles one might be having and to seek help if necessary. The best part of the session for me, was getting to engage in a discussion about mental health in a judgement free zone without any feelings of discomfort or awkwardness.”

Gurpreet Singh

“The first and the most important thing is to be aware of your own mental health. Education about this as we learned in the workshop is a way to increase awareness. As we have learned there are many supports available to help cope up with mental health challenges. Last one would be to address and reduce the stigma surrounding mental illness. As it is essential for creating a more supportive and understanding environment for those affected.”

Hui Kyum Moon

A woman petting a big white therapy dog.

“Sometimes I feel disappointed or discouraged, but whenever I do, I try to find a solution positively. I think what I learned in this session will help me a lot in the future.”

If you are an instructor who is interested in booking an in-class Introduction to Mental Health workshop (or other well-being workshop) visit staff forum to learn more.

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