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Importing CSV files into Respondus

April 16, 2015

You can import CSV files into Respondus, but please keep in mind that it does not support the import of Excel “.xls”/”.xlsx” file formats.

In order to make Respondus work with CSV files, you need to create CSV document in a specific format so that Respondus can accept it and create a quiz.

Please note that CSV only supports the five common question types:

MC = Multiple Choice
TF = True or False
MR = Multiple Response (Multi-Select)
FB = Fill in the Blank (Short Answer)
ES = Essay (Long Answer)

You will need to use the Respondus Standard Format for importing the other supported question types.

Importing the CSV File Into Respondus

  1. In Excel, save the .CSV file and then close file in excel.
  2. Open Respondus
  3. Click “Import Questions”
  4. Change the “Type of file” to “Tab/Comma Deliminated” and then click “Browse”
  5. Select the file and click Open.
  6. Next, leave all the default settings and click “Preview” (this is where you may get an error if you haven’t closed the file in excel) *optionally you can indicate it should skip the first row.  In your CSV that row is not actually questions.  If you don’t do this step you will simply get a warning later.
  7. Click OK if everything is looking good.
  8. Next you have to name it, click Preview again, and then Finish.  *make sure to review the warnings and notes. In the example below, all of the warnings are from not telling it to skip rows up on step #6.
  9. Confirm everything looks good in Repsondus, and you’re good to go!

For more information about how to import CSV file into Respondus click here: Importing CSV Files, or contact LEARN Support at learn@rrc.ca