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Learning Technologies

Respondus LockDown – new features and changes – late May 2017

May 30, 2017

LEARN is removing the “LockDown Browser” option from the “Restrictions” tab in the Quiz settings. Instead, the LDB (LockDown Browser) will now be configured either from the Quiz tool main menu (“LockDown Browser” tab) or by creating an external link to the LockDown Browser Dashboard. This change also brings a new feature which allows students the ability to launch the LDB from the quiz start area.

To configure a quiz to use the “LockDown Browser” follow these steps:

1. Under the “Assessments tab” select “Quizzes”

2. Click on the “LockDown Browser” tab


3. Pick a quiz that requires the LockDown Browser, then select from the dropdown “Modify Settings”


4. Choose the Require Respondus LockDown Browser for this exam” to unlock the LockDown Browser settings.


5. You will also have the ability to pick more advanced settings.

6. When you are satisfied with your selections click “Save and Close” at the bottom right.

You have now setup the quiz to use the “LockDown Browser”.

As well, students now have the ability to launch the “LockDown Browser” from the start of a quiz:

1. When the student selects a quiz that is setup to use the “LockDown Browser” they will see the “Launch LockDown Browser” button at bottom of the quiz start page.


2. The “Launch LockDown Browser” button will check to see if the user has the LockDownBrowser installed and will prompt them to install it if they haven’t already.

Contact LEARN Support if you have any questions regarding the changes. (