Teaching Essentials

Learning Technologies Training

Self-Directed Training

LEARN Self-Directed Training Course

This self-directed course teaches you everything you need to know about LEARN as an instructor. Learn about LEARN at your own pace and when its convenient for you.

Learning Technologies Webinars

These training sessions will be held online. Register for the training using the links below and you will be emailed a link to join the webinar.

Training Recordings

LEARN – FODM Course Introduction Template – Technical Training
Password: yKvYm3JK
Recording link

LEARN – Discussion Tool overview
Password: GhzNm9wx
Recording link

LEARN Training – Groups Tool
Password: Pb3PwsVF
Recording link

LEARN – Creating and Assessing Group Discussions
Password: QpsXrUC6
Recording link

LEARN – Rubric Training
Password: 8gFKpCxS
Recording link

LEARN Training – Final Adjusted Grade for HUB Gradebook Export
Password: 2mCuJ7dg
Recording link

Departmental Training

If you would like to organize departmental training or request a specific training session, please contact LEARN support at learn@rrc.ca.