Game Development – Programming

The games industry is a collaborative international industry where teams of developers work to create content for the next generation of interactive entertainment experiences. The ability to collaborate and solve creative and technical challenges are skills that are in high demand in today’s game production environments.

Game Development – Programming is focused on providing graduates with the skill sets needed to pursue careers in video game development. If you’re interested in the design aspect of making games, check out Game Development – Art.

A foundational pillar of this program is to solve creative and technical challenges in a collaborative team-based environment, allowing students to build a relevant portfolio of work showcasing their skills.

The Game Development post-graduate diploma graduate will be able to:

  • Produce game prototypes.
  • Analyze and design game mechanics.
  • Specialize in creating optimal game production pipelines and optimize game production assets.
  • Apply entrepreneurial skills and business acumen to manage, develop and market a game development business.
  • Apply for and access production funding form a variety of sources.
  • Communicate effectively using a variety of communication tools.