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Autodesk Maya Installation

Students in the Digital Media Design program will use Autodesk Maya 2022 for animation class. As part of Autodesk’s Education Community program you will create an account with Autodesk and acquire a 1-year license for Maya.

We recommend using a personal email address when creating your Autodesk account.

Before you Begin

Autodesk requires students to provide proof of current enrollment in order to access its software for free. Eligible documents include:

Eligible documents must include:

Note: Students have found that their tuition statement is declined, however upon resubmitting the same tuition document approval and licensing is granted.

To find your tuition statement:

  1. Log into HUB
  2. Under the Applications header select: Payments and Profile > Student Finance

Autodesk Account Creation

  1. Go to: Autodesk Education and select: Get Started. At the Sign in page select: Create Account.
  2. Complete all of the required forms to setup your Autodesk account remembering to verify your account via your email address.
  3. You will be asked to submit proof of current enrollment.
  4. Once you have setup your Autodesk account, verified your email address and provided proof of enrollment you will be eligible to download Maya 2022. Choose the appropriate operating system for your laptop to initiate the download process.