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Web Printing

Before you begin, essential notes on web printing

How to add credits to your web printing account:

  1. At the PaperCut pay station in the atrium beside the elevators.
  2. In person, at the Campus Store.
  3. Online using the Add Credit button on the web printing website.

Note: Once funds have been added to your PaperCut account they are non-refundable.

Web printing submissions are restricted to the following file formats:

How to submit a print job using web printing

  1. Go to:
  2. Enter your college username and password, and select: Log in.
  1. Select: Web Print from the left vertical menu.
  1. Select: Submit a Job.
  1. Select the radio button beside the printer you would like to print to, then select: 2. Print Options and Account Selection.
  1. Adjust the number of copies you would like to print, and select: 3. Upload Documents.
  1. Drag the file you would like to print to drop zone or select: Upload from computer, then select: Upload & Complete.
  1. The following page will indicate rendering, queueing and when your job is finished.