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Transportation Heavy Apprenticeship Trades, Electrical, Mechanical and Manufacturing, and Construction Trades Award Recipients

July 6, 2021

Congratulations to all of our award recipients!

Transportation Heavy Apprenticeship Trades

Dean’s Achievement Award

  • Mark Dudych (Heavy Duty Equipment Mechanic)
  • Zacharie Chaput (Automotive Technician Diploma)
  • Yeung Kwai (Automotive Technician Certificate)
  • Mangpreet Singh (Outdoor Power Equipment Technician)
  • Daniel Braun (Collision Repair & Refinishing)

Toromont CAT Academic Achievement Award

  • Brydan Hamm (Heavy Duty Equipment Mechanic)

Toromont CAT Safety Award

  • Geoff Dextraze (Heavy Duty Equipment Mechanic)

Toromont CAT Leadership Award

  • Connor Sheldon (Heavy Duty Equipment Mechanic)

H.C. McGregor Memorial Merit Award

  • Kulvir Dhaliwal (Automotive Technician Diploma)
  • Kaitlyn Rodrigues (Automotive Technician Certificate)
  • Tyler Martens (Automotive Technician Certificate)
  • Brady Janz (Automotive Technician Certificate)
  • Erick Pablo (Collision Repair & Refinishing)
  • Liam Friesen (Outdoor Power Equipment Technician)
  • Monique Goulet (Heavy Duty Equipment Mechanic)
  • Kevin Smith (Heavy Duty Equipment Mechanic)
  • Dylan Fruck (Heavy Duty Equipment Mechanic)

Ken Preboy Memorial Award

  • Adrian Rzetelski (Automotive Apprenticeship)

Jack Meyer Memorial Scholarship

  • Sergio Giesbrecht (Automotive Technician Certificate)
  • Harkamal Dhaliwal (Collision Repair & Refinishing)

Manitoba Motor Dealers Association Award

  • Mahesh Sewpaul (Automotive Technician Diploma)
  • Joshua Shore (Automotive Technician Certificate)
  • Haise Rickner (Collision Repair & Refinishing)

Mercedes Benz Winnipeg Award

  • Justin Chaves (Automotive Technician Diploma)

Frank James Thiessen Memorial Award

  • Renzs Salangsang (Automotive Technician Diploma)

Birchwood Automotive Group Award

  • Zachary Giesbrecht (Automotive Apprenticeship)

Mid-Canada Marine & Powersports Dealers Association Award

  • Babanjit Singh Sidhu (Outdoor Power Equipment Technician)
  • Stefan Koenig (Marine & Outdoor Power Equipment Technician Apprenticeship)

Paterson GlobalFoods Award

  • Liam Bear (Heavy Duty Equipment Mechanic)
  • Kuljit Brar (Heavy Duty Equipment Mechanic)

Bison Transport Award

  • Darren Orlick (Heavy Duty Equipment Mechanic)

Arnold Brothers Transport Award

  • Taranveer Singh (Heavy Duty Equipment Mechanic)

Manitoba Trucking Association Award

  • Max Hiebert (Heavy Duty Equipment Mechanic)
  • Brydan Hamm (Heavy Duty Equipment Mechanic)

Peterbilt Manitoba Award

  • Liam Bear (Heavy Duty Equipment Mechanic)

Industrial Truck Service Award

  • Pushkar Dutt (Heavy Duty Equipment Mechanic)

Cummins Western Canada Award

  • Monique Goulet (Heavy Duty Equipment Mechanic)
  • Jeremy Cruzada (Heavy Duty Equipment Mechanic)
  • Harpreet Singh (Heavy Duty Equipment Mechanic)

Manitoba Metis Federation Vickar Chevrolet Award

  • Mahesh Sewpaul (Heavy Duty Equipment Mechanic)

Electrical, Mechanical and Manufacturing

Price Entrance Scholarship

  • Aaron Carter (Manufacturing CAD)
  • Douglas Harder (Manufacturing CAD)
  • Seungyeop Kim (Manufacturing CAD)
  • Tian Tian (Manufacturing CAD)

Price Scholarship for Manufacturing CAD

  • Aaron Carter (Manufacturing CAD)
  • Seungyeop Kim (Manufacturing CAD)
  • Tian Tian (Manufacturing CAD)

Electrical Association of Manitoba Award

  • Owen Rock (Electrical Construction)
  • Luke Cardinal (Electrical Construction)

Eecol Electric Award

  • Liam Nicholson (Electrical Construction)
  • Paul Sancho (Electrical Construction)

Electrical Academic Achievement Award

  • Graeme Reid (Electrical Construction)
  • Aiden Batenchuk (Electrical Construction)

Viterra Inc. Scholarship

  • Kathleen Pawluk (Electrical Construction)

Raj Kulathungam Craftsman Award for Electrical

  • Jason Lutzer (Electrical Construction)
  • Bradley Ross (Electrical Construction)

Dynamic Machine Corporation Manufacturing Technician Award

  • Stefan-Angel Trajkov (Manufacturing Technician)

Sandvik Coromant Award

  • Leon Stanze (Manufacturing Technician)
  • Mil Mendoza (Manufacturing Technician)

Thomas Skinner Gift Certificate

  • Ali Malek Amen (Manufacturing Technician)
  • Kyle Neufeld (Manufacturing Technician)

Gene Haas Foundation Award

  • Fiell Lou Timog (CNC Machinist Technician)
  • Joshua Johnson (CNC Machinist Technician)
  • Jonathon Raske (CNC Machinist Technician)
  • Thomas Dumore (CNC Machinist Technician)
  • Christopher Pereira (CNC Machinist Technician)

Ted M. Konyk Bursary

  • Thomas Dumore (Manufacturing Technician)

Canadian Healthcare Engineering Society (CHES) Award

  • Brendan McClure (Power Engineering Technology)

Karel Van Helden Memorial Award

  • Eric Juskow (Power Engineering Technology)

Viterra Inc. Scholarship

  • Eric Juskow (Power Engineering Technology)

Raj Kulathungam Craftsman Award for Welding

  • Corey Bear (Welding)

H.C. McGregor Memorial Merit Award

  • Canaan Partridge (Electrical Construction)
  • Jorge Estante (Electrical Construction)
  • Rjay Velicaria (Welding)
  • Tanner Bray (Manufacturing Technician)
  • Thanh Tin Nguyen (CNC Machinist Technician)
  • Tian Tian (Manufacturing CAD)

Construction Trades

Carpentry Pre-Employment Award

  • Mitchell Aitken (Carpentry Certificate)
  • Eric Levin (Carpentry Certificate)
  • Mike Cenina (Carpentry Certificate)
  • Andrew (Drew) Otey (Carpentry Certificate)
  • Samantha Tottle (Carpentry Certificate)
  • Nathan Zazulak (Carpentry Certificate)

David McClelland Memorial Award

  • Dallas Donay (Carpentry Certificate)
  • Parker Cheys (Carpentry Certificate)

Manitoba Home Builders Association Excellence Award

  • Eric Levin (Carpentry Certificate)
  • Adrian Fajardo Biay (Carpentry Certificate)

Cabinetry & Woodworking Academic Achievement Award

  • Harrison Greenslade (Cabinetry & Woodworking Diploma)
  • Braeden De Dominicis (Cabinetry & Woodworking Diploma)

Cabinetry & Woodworking Leadership Award

  • Raymond Rayburn (Cabinetry & Woodworking Diploma)

Edward John Przednowek Sr. Memorial Award

  • Teagan Sward (Cabinetry & Woodworking Diploma)
  • Harrison Greenslade (Cabinetry & Woodworking Diploma)

Gerald Biehl Award

  • Kira Hanstead (Cabinetry & Woodworking Diploma)

Wolseley Mechanical Steve Murowski Award

  • Darcy Phillipchuk (Plumbing Certificate)
  • Samranjit Gill (Plumbing Certificate)

Gunther Hille Award

  • Cameron Hamaberg (Plumbing Certificate)
  • Garrett Loster (Plumbing Certificate)

Daniel Harrison Impey Memorial Award

  • Courtney Edwards (Plumbing Certificate)
  • Stephen Duplak (Plumbing Certificate)

Robert E. Crabbe Memorial Award

  • Walker Hobbs (Plumbing Certificate)

Perry Allan Scholarship

  • James Barkman (Plumbing Apprenticeship)
  • Volodymyr Kryvets (Gasfitting Apprenticeship)
  • Zachary Ducharme (Gasfitting Apprenticeship)

Dahl Outstanding Student Award

  • Bartholomew Delaronde (Plumbing Apprenticeship)

Master Group Shining Star Award

  • Blair McDonald (Refrigeration Certificate)
  • Noah Funk Boucha (Refrigeration Certificate)

William J. Atkinson Award

  • Ian Lodewyks (Plumbing Apprenticeship)
  • Bruce Buchanan (Steamfitting Apprenticeship)

Interior Systems Mechanic Red Seal Achievement Award

  • Jonas Loewen (Interior Systems Mechanic / Lather Apprenticeship)
  • Andrew Fehr (Interior Systems Mechanic / Lather Apprenticeship)

H.C. McGregor Memorial Merit Awards

  • Dylan Zimmerman (Plumbing Certificate)
  • Patrick Penner (Plumbing Certificate)
  • Monique Edwards (Carpentry Certificate)
  • Bryce Orobko (Carpentry Certificate)
  • Teagan Sward (Cabinetry & Woodworking Diploma)
  • Craig Arnott (Refrigeration Certificate)
  • Aron Kriekle (Refrigeration Certificate)

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