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Crushing the Get Movin’ Challenge at EDC

March 16, 2016

Written by EDC Student Support Services staff

There was no mystery as to why Student Support Services staff in P210 chose to walk…and walk, and walk and walk some more. Mere moments after the gauntlet had been dropped from the Wellness Committee’s Get Movin’ Challenge, a much bigger gauntlet was thrown down by the self-appointed wellness subcommittee at EDC…

The EDC P210 side challenge: Choose a goal to smash – not meet, smash – which must exceed 7,000 steps to be eligible for the College challenge, as well as the P210 challenge.  Armed with electronic-step-tracking arm candy, eight participants competed for this winner-takes-all side challenge.

Dayna Pic 2

Our leaderboard


The participants had their own reasons and benefits why they took on this challenge. But the office leaderboard, which strikingly resembled the mountain climber from The Price is Right (see pictures), provided added motivation.

Apropos for someone in an applied post-secondary environment, the subcommittee converted the participants’ ongoing progress to something we could relate to in our day-to-day lives.

DAyna Pic 3

The climber from The Price is Right


Here’s a snapshot of an application shout-out:

“So far, we have clocked over 2.5 million steps collectively – we could be high fiving with the polar bears in Churchill by now! We totally crushed the 7,000 step requirement to qualify for the Get Movin’ Challenge.”

On Feb 29th, 3.5 million collective steps later, the stepper with the highest percentage of their goal exceeded (coupled with the largest calves) was announced winner.

The P210 crew can’t glory in this moment though – they’ve been handed their next wellness assignment. Stakes are high – the winner will walk away with a score of items which could include:

  • A winner and not “please play again” coffee rim
  • An unopened One Direction CD
  • A PaintNite painting

The step challenge can definitely take on another form which resonates with your department; here was an example from the Exchange District Campus.

We so look forward to reading yours!