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Campus Well-Being Pride Film Viewing

June 15, 2022

Join us on June 21st from noon-1:00 pm to participate in our Pride Virtual Film Viewing, with films curated by the mental health team at Campus Well-Being. The film viewing is a space to view short films about pride, gender identity and the 2SLGBTQIA+ Community while engaging in discussion and exploring ways to support mental health. 

Moving beyond simple notions of self-care, our discussion will explore the systems that often place expectations on people. When we talk about mental health and the queer community, we need to challenge stereotypes that support heteronormativity and often “other” folks who live outside mainstream ideals of gender and sexuality. These oppressive stereotypes and ideals can strain the mental health of 2SLGBTQIA+ people.  

During the virtual event, we will watch films that highlight the history of Pride, discuss the importance of community and talk about gender diversity. In addition to the films, we will review and practice different grounding techniques and discuss student resources available at the College. 

The Campus Well-Being team is passionate about inclusivity and is motivated by a vision there everyone feels safe, has access to affirming mental health care, and lives in a world where their gender expression and sexuality is honoured. 

Date: Tuesday, June 21st 2022 

Time: noon – 1:00pm  

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For any questions about the event or accessibility requests please contact Pamela Villafranca.