WebEx is a fully-featured collaboration, video conferencing, and synchronous online course software.
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Before starting a WebEx session, be sure to follow the requirements below.

WebEx Requirements

  1. A good quality webcam. For meetings between staff, a laptop webcam will be fine but not ideal.
  2. A good quality headset that includes headphones and a microphone.
    1. This is the most overlooked, though essential requirement for webex use. If you intend to speak in a presentation, you must use a headset with a microphone unless you are using a special echo canceling room microphone such as those produced by Phoenix or Cisco. A laptop microphone is not an acceptable option and will cause distracting echos and feedback for all users.
  3. A decent internet connection. At least a 3G (2Mbps+) internet connection is required. The college network is ideal.
  4. A quiet, well-lit room.
  5. Log in to WebEx via HUB.rrc.ca. Detailed instructions can be found here: Log on to RRC Webex
  6. Download the WebEx Desktop Client. Run the client to ensure that it works smoothly.
    Download the WebEx Desktop client for Windows.
    Download the WebEx Desktop Client for Mac
  7. For more information on how to use WebEx, visit the ITS website.

Using WebEx for Online Courses

WebEx Hardware Options and Room Setups