LEARN ePortfolio

Brightspace ePortfolio is a personal portfolio tool for storing, organizing, reflecting on and sharing items that represent your learning. You can include items such as documents, graphics, audio files, videos, presentations, and coursework to demonstrate your improvement or mastery in certain areas.

You can control what items you want to include in your portfolio, how they are organized, and who you want to share them with. When you share items with your peers, mentors, or potential employers, you can give them permission to view items, edit items, see or add comments, and see or add assessments to receive feedback.

Creating and Adding Artifacts to your ePortfolio

  • Use Tag Lists to Add Items to a Collection – Video:

Creating and Editing your ePortfolio Presentation

Presentations let you compile Brightspace ePortfolio items into a web project to showcase your achievements. Your presentations can have multiple pages. Presentations provide a polished, professional medium to demonstrate your learning and accomplishments.

Submitting, Sharing and Exporting Your ePortfolio Items/Presentation

  • Oversee and View Individual Portfolios – Video:

Instructor Resources

Most use cases of ePortfolio are user-led, however, instructors can create workflows for self-reflection, self or peer evaluation, and incorporate assessment activities to interface with ePortfolio.