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Learning Technologies

ePortfolio – Tagging Artifacts

March 19, 2018


Tags are words you associate with your artifacts or items to make them easier to find within your ePortfolio.

You can search for items with specific tags. When searching for or adding tags, other users tags are shown for easy searching. For example, searching for or utilizing a tag named Creative will show the number of times it has been used as a tag.

  • To make a multiple-word tag, place double quotes around the entire phrase. For example typing “winter project” makes the two words a single tag.
  • To make a private tag that only you can see, type an @ symbol in front of the tag. For example typing @draft adds a private @draft tag to an item that other users will not see when you share the item with them.
  • To make a private multiple-word tag, put the at symbol before the quotation marks, for example: @”rough draft”.
  • To add tags to an existing artifact first click “edit” from its drop-down menu:
    Edit artifact menu item
  • Enter your tags and hit “Add Tag”:Add tags field