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Spring 2019 Faculty Training Menu

May 2, 2019

Spring 2019

The following is a list of training sessions being offered through the Centre for Learning and Program Excellence. Click the title of the presentation for the full description and sign up available on the Course Catalog.


Date Duration Title Campus Room Start Time End Time
 May 1st  3hr Intro to LEARN  NDC  A115  1PM  4PM
 May 3rd  2.5hr Content and Dropbox Training  NDC  A115  9:00AM  11:30AM
 May 6th  1.5hr New to LEARN – What you need to know to get started  NDC  A115  10AM  11:30AM
 May 7th  2hr Quiz tool in LEARN  NDC  A115  1PM  3PM
 May 9th  3hr Intro to LEARN  NDC  A115  10AM  1PM
 May 15th  2hr LEARN Rubric Tool  NDC  A115  1PM  3PM
 May 16th  2hr LEARN Gradebook  NDC  A115  1PM  3PM
 May 23rd  1.5hr LEARN Content Tool Training  NDC  A115  1PM  2:30PM
 May 24th  2hr Intro to LEARN  NDC  A115  1PM  4PM
 May 30th  1.5hr in LEARN – Technical Training  NDC  A115  9:30AM  11:00AM