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March 1, 2013

Submit assignments

To submit assignments

  1. From the navbar, click  Assignments.
  2. On the Assignment Submission Folders page, click on the folder you want to submit to.
  3. Depending on the submission type your instructor has selected for the assignment, do one of the following:
  • Type your assignment directly in the Text Submission field. When you finish your written response, click Submit.
  • To browse for the file you want to submit, click Add a File. You can attach files from your local computer or storage device, a personal locker, a group locker, or Brightspace ePortfolio. Enter any comments you want to submit with the file. Click Submit.
  • You can select Record Audio to add feedback. When you finish a recording, click Add. Enter any comments you want to submit with the file. Click Submit.


Any rubrics with which submissions are evaluated are listed on the submission page so you can see how submissions are evaluated.

View feedback in Assignments

  1. From the navbar, click  Assignments.
  2. To view your grade, rubric assessment, and feedback comments, on the Assignment Submission Folders page, click View Feedback in the Feedback column beside the folder containing your submission.
  3. To view any formative feedback that your instructor left in GradeMark, click View Inline Feedback.
  4. To download feedback attachments, click Download All Files.
  5. When you are finished viewing feedback, click Done.

Understanding due dates and end dates

A due date is the submission deadline of an assignment in your course. This date is specific to assignments only.

End dates are attached to Assignment submission folders. The end date is the final date an Assignments submission folder is available for you to submit assignments to, regardless of the due date. Once the end date of the folder is past, you are no longer able to submit an assignment, no matter what the assignment’s due date is.


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Description: The Dropbox tool is where you can submit your assignments to your instructor. Submissions are date and time stamped.