Too often in times of crisis, stress, and uncertainty, we forget to address our own personal wellbeing. We focus on the unknown, we look to support our family and friends not realizing that if we don’t carve out some time for ourselves and address our own well being and health we might not be there to help those important to us. Recreation Services has developed this page to help during this time

We are adding links to pages, blogs, and stories. We will have links and reviews of apps that you can download. Links to videos, online tips, and tricks

Do you have a great page, video or app? Send it our way so that we can add it to our resources list.

We will be adding information frequently so we encourage you to bookmark this page and check frequently.

To help us stay connected and active out we will be running contests, challenges on an ongoing basis through our social media. We encourage you, and your family to take part in for chances to win great prizes.

Do you have a specific active living or fitness question?  Send it our way!  If we can’t answer it, we will help connect you with the people who can.

Recreation Services Program and Event Calendar

We’ve also created this online calendar with information and links to Recreation Services programs and events running at this time.