Residence Handbook – Administration

1.0 Administration

1.1 Binding Contract

Contract: This Handbook forms part of the Residence Contract and, as such t is a legal document between Red River College Polytechnic as represented by its Campus Living Office and the Resident. By agreeing to move into an Accommodation, the Resident agrees that his or her conduct will not violate any of the conditions or regulations set for in this Handbook by Campus Living or by College policies, and acknowledges that consequences will be imposed for violations.

This Handbook and the Residence  Contract also incorporate by reference all terms set forth on the Campus Living Website, as amended from time to time. It is the responsibility of the Resident to become familiar with the terms, conditions and responsibilities contained in the Residence Contract, this Handbook and the Campus Living website as updated.

Your Residence Contract, including this document is a legal document; read it carefully. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Campus Living for explanation or clarification before agreeing to the terms of the Residence Contract.

1.2 Compliance with Laws, etc.

The Resident will abide by all applicable Federal, Provincial, and Municipal laws.

1.3 Contract Dates

Contract Dates apply to all rooms. Contract Dates are determined by matching each individual Resident’s requested dates with his/her academic program timeline. A Student may live in Residence for all or part of the academic program but may not extend his/her Contract past the academic program end date unless approved by the Manager of Campus Living.

Any changes to Contract lengths must be approved by Campus Living management. In disputes between the Resident and Campus Living regarding Contract Dates, authority will be granted to the Contract Dates specified on the Resident’s booking in the Campus Living database known as eRezLife.

1.3A Academic Term Dates

  • Fall Term 2022: August 25, 2022 – December 17, 2022
  • Winter Term 2023: January 2, 2023 – April 29, 2023
  • Spring Term 2023: April 30, 2023 – August 19, 2023

1.3B Residence Closure

Winter Break: December 18, 2022 – January 1, 2023

RRC Polytech Campus Living Residence does not close over Winter Break. A Resident with a Contract spanning the Fall and Winter Terms may leave belongings in his/her Suite over the Winter break at no additional cost, but will not have access to his/her Suite over the Winter break. A Resident wishing to access his/her Suite or remain in Residence over the Winter break must sign and pay for an additional Contract to cover the Winter Break. For more information please contact the Campus Living Office.

1.4 Type of Contract

According to Part 1, Section 3(1)(g) of The Residential Tenancies Act C.C.S.M. c. R119, the Act does not apply to “living Accommodation provided by an educational institution to its Residents,” such as those offered by RRC Polytech Campus Living, as a result this is not a tenancy agreement as defined in the Act.

1.5 Eligibility (Condition of Residency)

Only current secondary or post-secondary Students may apply to RRC Polytech Campus Living for Accommodation. RRC Polytech Students are given Suite Allocation priority over Students of other schools. Students of other schools may be granted Accommodation on a case by case basis with proof of course registration. Campus Living may request and keep a copy of the Resident’s student identification picture and course registration information.

1.6 Minors in Residence

Students planning to live in Residence at RRC Polytech who are under eighteen (18), the age of majority, are required to sign the Residence Release of Information Form and the Campus Living Guardianship Form upon move-in. The validity of the form will cease upon the Resident’s eighteenth (18th) birthday. This form is used to contact a parent/guardian for reasons including but not limited to: disciplinary Sanctions, health emergencies, and Residence accounts.

1.7 Applications

Applications must be completed for every term. A non-refundable application Fee of $50 is required to complete a Residence application for all new Residents, but it not required to extend a Contract for the upcoming term provided there is no break in dates. If a Resident moves out of Residence and applies to come back the application Fee will be charged.

Suites are allocated only after the correct application is completed and the application Fee of $50 is paid for new Applicants or the Contract is extended for the upcoming term. Applications must be completed a minimum of two (2) weeks prior to the requested move-in date.

1.8 Deposits

Applicants must pay a Deposit of $350 within five (5) business days of the room offer being sent to reserve a room. In August this deadline is reduced to within two (2) business days of the room offer being sent.

A returning Resident can carry his/her current Deposit over after completing a new application or extending his/ her current Residence Contract to reserve a Suite for an upcoming term.

Paying this Deposit commits the Applicant to signing and completing the Residence Contract. If the Applicant cancels their reservation after the Cancellation deadline, fails to move in, or otherwise fails to complete a Residence Contract after the Deposit is paid the Deposit will not be refunded.

The Deposit is held during the Contract period and, subject to the exceptions noted herein becomes refundable at the end of the Contract after the Resident’s move-out date. Any outstanding Fees owed by the Resident to the College will be deducted from the Deposit; the Deposit amount remaining after deductions is refunded to the Resident.

Any Resident who completes a Contract Early Termination or who is evicted forfeits his/her Deposit in full. The forfeiting of the Deposit occurs in addition to the payment of the Contract Early Termination Fee and any other outstanding applicable Fees on the account at the time of move-out.

Deposit Exemptions

Only Red River College Polytechnic Students with a Residence Contract with a term of less than sixty (60) days are exempt from paying the Deposit.

1.8A. Deposit Refunds

Residence Deposit refunds are subject to forfeit if the Resident cannot be reached at the mailing address, phone number, or email address on file. Every Resident must update his/her mailing address in WebAdvisor or in person at Student Services. Residence Deposit refunds cannot be issued if the address is listed as “504 Main Street.” If the College cannot contact the Resident within one year from the move-out date, all credits on the Resident’s account may be forfeited.

Refunds are issued from the College’s Financial Services Department and may take up to three (3) months to process.

Financial Services is also responsible for balancing student accounts. Residence Deposit refunds may be reduced by other outstanding debts such as Campus Store charges, parking fees, library fines, etc. A Student who fails to pay his/her accounts by the specified deadlines may have his/her registration cancelled and College services including marks, diploma/certificate, and future registrations will be withheld until all financial obligations to the College have been met in full.

Deposits made by credit card, government sponsored loans, or by a third party will be refunded to the card, lender or third party associated with the original payment. Cash and debit payments are refunded by cheque or direct deposit.

To set up direct deposit complete the following steps:

  • Login to HUB, choose WebAdvisor, then click “Students”
  • Login to your WebAdvisor account for student records (if you can’t access your WebAdvisor account, submit a Case Log from HUB or contact the office that you registered through)
  • Enter your Canadian bank account information by following required set up instructions. All refunds except credit cards will now be deposited into your bank account

1.9 Suite Allocation

Suite Allocation is not affected by race, color, nationality, ancestry, or any other grounds prohibited by The Human Rights Code C.C.S.M. c. H175. Each Applicant who applies to live in Residence is first allocated an Accommodation based on what tier he/she belongs to:

  • Tier 1 – Certain RRC Polytech groups (such as Resident Assistants)
  • Tier 2 – RRC Polytech Student Applicants
  • Tier 3 – non-RRC Polytech Students

Within each tier, the Accommodation is allocated based on the following application factors:

  • The Accommodation preferences selected by the Applicant on the application (subject to availability)
  • The date the application Fee is paid – this determines the Resident’s application order relative to other applications.
  • Self-declared gender – double-suites are dynamically assigned a gender during the Suite Allocation.
    If the first Resident placed in a double-suite has self-declared a specific gender, then only another Resident of the same self-declared gender will be placed in that double-suite (unless otherwise requested by both Residents).

Accommodation is allocated in one of two ways:

  1. Room Selection Lottery in eRezLife
    • Applicants are assigned a timeslot to select their own room from available options
  2. Room Allocation by Campus Living Staff
    •  An applicant who does not select their own room in the Room Selection Lottery will have a room assigned for them.

1.10 Room Offers/Accepting Room Offers

Room offers are sent to Applicants by email. The Applicant has five (5) business days from the date the room offer was sent to accept the room offer. The only exception being in August when the Applicant has two (2) business days to accept the room offer.

Applicants must follow the appropriate steps, outlined below, to accept a room offer and reserve a Suite.

RRC Polytech Student Applicants with:

  • Deposit paid (carried over from a previous term) – must accept the room offer in writing via email.
  • No Deposit paid – must accept the room offer in writing via email and pay the Deposit.
  • Short Contract (less than sixty (60) days) – must accept the room offer in writing via email (no Deposit needed – See 1.8 Deposits)

Non-RRC Polytech Student Applicants must accept the room offer in writing via email and pay the Deposit (regardless of Contract length).

1.11 Move-in Procedures

Move-In Dates and times for each term are posted on eRezLife. Residents arriving within the times posted should go directly to the Residence building. Resident Assistants (RA’s) will complete check in procedures and show Residents to assigned Suites.

Outside of the standard move-in times, RA’s are on- duty to check Residents in from 4:30pm – 11:00pm on weekdays and from 8:30am – 11:00pm on weekends.

1.11A Early Move-in

A Resident wanting to move in earlier than his/her Contract Start-Date must submit a request to Campus Living. Such requests are granted on a case-by-case basis.

1.11B Late Move-in

A Resident arriving after the move-in date must provide his/her expected arrival date and time to Campus Living at least twenty-four hours (24hrs) before he/she arrives. Residents must call the RA phone (specified in your move-in Information email) upon arrival to complete move-In and receive keys.

1.12 Mail

Residents must include the full building address and Suite number on any mail. Mail addressed to Residents which include the words “Campus Living” will not be delivered and may be returned to sender.

1.13 Bed Linen

Each Resident is responsible for providing his/her own bed linens. Linen packages may be purchased from Campus Living prior to arrival. Linen packages include basic towels and bedding. For more information check the Campus Living website or contact the Campus Living Office.

1.14 Room Changes

All Room change requests are subject to the approval of the Campus Living Manager. Decisions are made based on need, feasibility, and space. Room change requests made in August, September, January, or April will not normally be considered. Room changes are subject to a Room Change Fee of $50.

1.15 Cancellation of Residence Contract Prior to Move-In Date

New Applicants may cancel a Residence Contract for a future term up to one month prior to their move-in date and will have their Deposit refunded.

Current and Returning Residents who have accepted a room offer for an upcoming term may cancel their Residence Contract up to one month prior to the start of the new Residence term and will have their Deposit refunded.

International Students who have had Study Permits denied or any Student not accepted into his/her academic program must provide official documentation in order to be considered for a Residence Deposit Refund with no penalty. Email or call the Campus Living Office for details and deadlines.

In this time of uncertainty and unprecedented change, Red River College Polytechnic is committed to the health and safety of its Residents, students, staff, and faculty. Red River College Polytechnic reserves the right to modify, cancel, or terminate any Resident’s Residence Contract at any time in order to comply with Health directives or guidance as the College reasonably believes, in our sole discretion, may be required, or advisable. In the event that RRC Polytech needs to cancel or terminate a given Residence Contract early due to COVID-19,  that Resident will be refunded the Residence deposit and all remaining room fees for the applicable term on a prorated basis.

In the event that a Resident chooses to terminate or cancel their Residence Contract while the College is able to provide accommodations, and the Resident completed the required forms, that Resident may be entitled to a refund in accordance with paragraph 1.15 and 1.18 of this Residence Handbook and the College’s current practices.

1.16 Termination of The Residence Contract After the Move-In Date/ Contract Early Termination

A Resident who wants to change his/her default Contract End-Date to an earlier date must apply for Contract Early Termination to Campus Living by the termination deadline for his/her Contract term. The termination deadline is two months after the start of the Residence term.

  • Fall Term 2022: October 25, 2022
  • Winter Term 2023: March 2 2023
  • Spring Term 2023: June 30, 2023

Residents may not apply for Contract Early Termination after the termination deadline. A Resident who moves out after the deadline forfeits all Residence fees.

1.16A Conditions of Approval and Fees

All requests for Contract Early Termination are subject to approval by the Manager of Campus Living in its sole discretion.

The Resident is financially responsible for all Fees applicable to his/her adjusted Contract term. Any Resident cancelling his/her Contract for any reason such as dropping out of school, moving to another school, or moving off-campus will incur a Contract Early Termination Fee of $350 in addition to forfeiting his/her Deposit.

The Resident must follow all check-out procedures outlined by Campus Living. Failure to do so will result in Additional Fees on his/her account.

1.17 Unauthorized Occupancy

Under no circumstances can the accommodation be assigned to any person other than the Resident. No one other than a Resident assigned to the room may live in the room. Unauthorized assignments will be considered a breach of the Contract and will result in eviction.

1.18 Move-out Procedures

The default move-out deadline is noon on the Contract End-Date. Residents who wish to move out at a different date and time must contact Campus Living in advance. Campus Living staff will ensure that the move-out paperwork is ready on the correct day and that any necessary billing adjustments are made.

Upon move-out the Accommodation must be clean, empty, and all furniture must be back in the original position. Each Suite will undergo a move-out inspection and Residents will be charged Additional Fees for cleaning, removal of property, unreported damage, and removal of excessive garbage/recycling.

At the time of move-out, Residents will receive a move- out envelope. Each Resident must fill out all required information and include the mailbox key, laundry card, and Residence fob. This envelope must be handed to Campus Living Staff or Security to complete the move-out process.

1.19 Over Holding

A Resident who overstays his/her Contract End-Date without making prior arrangements with Campus Living are not thereby granted new right of occupation to the Accommodation. In such cases the College may, without notice, enter and remove the Resident and all other persons and property using such force and assistance as deemed reasonably necessary to retake possession of the Accommodation.

The Resident will be charged a fee of $50 or the actual cost incurred by the College, whichever is greater.

1.20 Abandoned Accommodation and Personal Property

The Accommodation and any personal property therein may be deemed abandoned by the College when:

  • a substantial amount of the Resident’s personal property is removed and his/her Residence Fees are unpaid after the date they are due; or
  • the Residence Fees remain unpaid after the date they are due and the College has not received a response from the Resident for a period of five (5) business days after sending a notice.
  • personal property is left behind after the Resident’s move-out date.

Abandoned possessions will be held for five (5) business days and then disposed of. The Resident will be charged a fee of $50 or the actual cost incurred by the College, whichever is greater.

1.21 Residence Fees

Each Resident must pay his/her Fees in full by the payment deadline. Payment deadline dates are specific to each Residence Contract. Please contact the Campus Living Office for information about specific payment deadlines. This policy applies to all Residents including those receiving loans, scholarships, sponsorship, and bursaries.

1.21A Penalties for Late and Bad Payments

Residence accounts that are overdue after five (5) days incur an automatic Fee of $50. Any Resident with an account still outstanding after this late Fee will receive notice to meet with the Manager of Campus Living. The Resident may face additional Sanctions including loss of Residence access, eviction from Residence, Additional Fees of 7.5% of the outstanding balance up to $100, and/or the actual additional costs incurred by the College.

Residents with an outstanding balance at the end of his/her Contract will have a hold placed on of College services including delivering marks, issuing a diploma/ certificate/degree, and processing future registrations, until all financial obligations to the College have been met in full.

Bounced/NSF cheques (cheques that do not clear because of non-sufficient funds) incur a $45 NSF Fee by RRC Polytech. Submitting two (2) NSF cheques may result in Sanctions and/or in eviction from Residence.

1.21B Payment Deferrals

In some exceptional cases, Residents may request a payment deferral from the Manager of Campus Living. Only the Manager is able to arrange payment deferrals. Except for compassionate reasons and academic withdrawals (in accordance with Campus Living’s withdrawal policy) the Resident is liable for all Residence Fees applicable to the Residence Contract according to the payment deadlines.

1.22 Liability

The College is not responsible for loss of, damage to, or theft of personal belongings. The College is not responsible for injury or death to any Resident or guest of Residence.

1.23 Tenant Insurance

Campus Living strongly encourages all Residents to have tenant insurance. While the College will make every reasonable effort to ensure the safety and security of the Residence building it cannot be responsible for personal effects. Having proper tenant insurance will help protect you from costs incurred in the event of damage to or loss of property. Tenant insurance will also help protect you in the event you or your Guest(s) are found responsible for any significant damage.

You may be eligible for coverage under your, or your legal guardians, homeowner’s policy. Check with them before purchasing a new policy.

1.24 Damages and Costs

Residents are responsible for the security, maintenance, and preservation of the Residence and its grounds.

  • If damage occurs and the individual(s) responsible are identified, the individual(s) responsible will be solely liable for damages caused. If a Resident’s Guest(s) is/are involved, the Resident will be held liable.
  • If damage or repeated untidiness occurs in Common Areas and cannot be attributed to specific individuals, all Residents of the floor may be held jointly liable.
  • Residents will be charged for any repairs due to damage to and/or extraordinary cleaning in the Accommodation and Common Areas.

1.25 Entrance to Accommodation

Entrance with Notice: Campus Living staff and its authorized contractors have the right to enter a Resident’s Suite, regardless of the Resident’s presence, in the following situations:

  • The Resident has given written or verbal permission for a specific purpose or occasion, such as by submitting a Case Log maintenance request.
  • Campus Living has given the Resident 24 hours’ notice of intention to enter the Resident’s Suite for inspections, housekeeping, maintenance, or any other applicable reasons.
  • Entrance without Notice: Campus Living may authorize, without notice, entry to the Resident Accommodation by College employees, maintenance and emergency personnel, and authorized contractors in the following circumstances:
  • There is evidence of an emergency situation, a violation of Residence policy related to safety, or criminal activity within the Accommodation.

1.26 Request for Identification

Campus Living and Security staff may request a Resident to present his/her photo identification card at any time.

1.27 Suite Inspections

Inspections of Residence rooms by Campus Living staff or its approved contractors may are scheduled periodically. The purpose of inspections is to ensure that health and safety standards and other legal requirements are being met. Failure to pass Suite inspections may result in Additional Fees specified by Campus Living, and repeated inspection failures may result in eviction.

1.28 Repairs and Maintenance Requests

All repairs must be carried out by the College. Residents are prohibited from repairing or altering the exterior or interior of the Accommodation. Residents should use the College’s Case Log system to request repairs and/or maintenance if necessary.

1.29 Construction and Building Maintenance

On-going maintenance, renovation and construction projects happen in and around Residence. These projects may result in noise, dust, and temporary interruption of some services. Residents may be required to relocate during construction. There will be no compensation or reduction to Residence Fees due to disruption and/or relocation unless approved by the Manager of Campus Living.

1.30 Unforeseen Circumstances

The College will provide Accommodation pursuant to the terms and conditions of the Residence Contract, including this Handbook and the Campus Living Website.  However, there may be events beyond the control of the College that affect the College’s ability to provide services and Accommodation. These include but are not limited to devastation to all or parts of the premises, fire, flooding, unforeseen delays in construction, or a health epidemic. In these rare situations, the College will reassign the Resident to another Suite. If the College is unable to provide an alternate Suite, the College will provide a prorated refund of Residence Fees for the unexpired term. If the student chooses to move out or terminate their Residence Contract when the College is able to provide an alternate Suite, the student may be entitled to a refund in accordance with section 1.16 of this Handbook.

1.31 Illness

Due to the communal nature of Residence living, persons suspected of being infected with a communicable disease will be required to seek medical attention. Depending on the contagiousness of the illness, the Resident may be quarantined from other Residents.

1.32 Transportation

Parking: There is no Resident parking at the Exchange District Campus.

For more information, visit Parking Services.

Bus: Bus passes can be purchased at:

  • Notre Dame Campus – The Ox- Building C, Mall Level, (across from the library)
  • Exchange District Campus – The Mercantile (Roblin Centre, William Street Building – in the Atrium)

Bicycles: RRC Polytech offers free bicycle storage for Resident Students in the basement of PGI. Any Resident wishing to use this space must notify the Campus Living Office prior to use. Residents are encouraged to take safety precautions to ensure bicycles are stored securely.

1.33 Security

Residents are responsible for taking reasonable precautions to secure the Accommodation and the Residence Building from a breach of security. This includes keeping doors and windows locked, not permitting unknown persons into Residence, and reporting strange activity to Security or the Campus Living Office.

1.34 Protection of Privacy

RRC Polytech adheres to The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act C.C.S.M. c F175 (FIPPA). Under terms of FIPPA, Red River College Polytechnic is required to protect personal information from disclosure to any third party that does not have a legal right of access to that information. Third parties include family members, government and social agencies, financial institutions and any other individual or organizations that seek to access personal information.

A Resident may grant access to specified personal information to third parties on HUB by adding them on self-serve. The Resident has the right to rescind or modify this permission at any time by making changes on the Proxy web screen. The information gathered in this process is collected pursuant to subsection 36 (1) of FIPPA.