Video and Motion Graphics


Important: To apply to this program, you must first graduate from the one-year Digital Media Design program (or equivalent).

In Digital Media Design’s Video and Motion Graphics program, you’ll learn the art of motion graphic design and animation. You’ll also learn the artistry of storytelling and the technical aspects of video production including shooting, lighting, editing, audio, colour correction, and compositing.

Offered at the Roblin Centre at the Exchange District Campus.

Combining design fundamentals, animation principles, technical workflow, and creative storytelling, this program will train you to become motion graphic designers, animators, documentary and corporate filmmakers, compositors, editors, and shooters.

There is more and more demand for video production and motion graphics as seemingly everyone wants a video or animation produced for their website or social media feed. Often these videos are documentary-style profiles, short brand awareness ads, motion graphics, explainer videos, event videos, logo animations, and music videos.

The software you’ll learn in this program includes the Adobe Suite (After Effects, Premiere Pro, Audition, Illustrator, Photoshop), Cinema 4D, and Davinci Resolve.

You’ll also have access to our collection of camera gear, which includes lenses, lights, microphones and audio kits, tripods, sliders, stabilizers, monitors, 360 cameras, and more.

Students must first complete the one-year DMD certificate program, or equivalent, before entering this program.