Digital Film and Media Production


Digital Film and Media Production is a post-graduate diploma program that has been developed to provide students the necessary practical and theoretical skills to start a career in film and media production. It has been designed for graduates of post-secondary media programs, as well as industry professionals who wish to improve their skills as a producer, videographer, editor, and freelancer.

This program is specifically designed to help bridge students from post-secondary to the local film production industry, but also to give them practical business and administrative skills as a freelance producer.

Innovation Centre Project building
Offered at Manitou a bi Bii daziigae

Do you love creating media? Do you have experience in videography, editing, and sound recording, and want to take your skills to the next level? The Digital Film and Media Production program will give you the necessary skills to enter the film and media production industries for a variety of different jobs. From camera operators, video editors, and visual effects designers, to being a crew member on a feature film or documentary, this program is for anyone who loves to create media! The program will also teach you about running your own business as a freelance entrepreneur and producer, along with hands-on experience working on livestream productions in a studio and on location.

The Digital Film and Media Production post-graduate diploma graduate will be able to:

  • Produce freelance videos, live productions, social media, and motion graphics using visual storytelling.
  • Operate a variety of 4K professional video production equipment and related accessories.
  • Operate and legally fly a video drone;
  • Apply entrepreneurial skills and business acumen to manage, develop and market a digital media business;
  • Work effectively on a professional film crew;
  • Apply for and access production funding form a variety of sources.